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EPOS ADAPT 360: Stay Focus on Your Meeting and Conversation

  • 03 min read
  • 30 Mar, 2022
EPOS ADAPT 360: Stay Focus on Your Meeting and Conversation

The ability to stay connected in today’s digital age requires not only the right software but also the right hardware. The choice of a headset can have a dramatic effect on meetings, conversations with customers, or brainstorming sessions.

In the ADAPT 360 headset, EPOS offers its customers a wonderful user experience as a leader in today’s communication peripherals. From active noise cancelling to technology specially optimised for UC, this state-of-the-art headset has all the features you need to stay focused.

For people who are required to pay attention to their meetings and conversations throughout the day, the EPOS ADAPT 360 headset provides sensational sound clarity. In addition, it provides ease of use and comfort.



The ADAPT 360 headset from EPOS is custom-designed to help you work in the way you prefer. It provides a perfect combination of sensational high-performance technology and easy-to-use functionality. Using a solution that is already optimised for unified communications, you can enjoy clear and effective business calls. Multitasking is also possible with the option of switching quickly between devices.

As a Microsoft Teams-certified solution, the ADAPT 360 makes it extremely convenient for users to join meetings with a single click.

Features include:

  • The sound quality and reliability of the stereo system are excellent
  • The design is stylish and functional
  • Certification for Microsoft Teams
  • Multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • The ANC system reduces background noise, enables you to concentrate in crowded open offices, and boosts productivity when travelling


EPOS ADAPT 360 Design

The build of these headphones was impressive and comfortable to wear. Most likely, this results from their weight of just 248 grams. Foam-padded ear pads and an adjustable headband provide a fit so perfect that you will forget you are wearing them.

As opposed to other similar products, there is no clunky microphone boom. Rather, EPOS has opted for two microphones with beamforming that are integrated directly into the ear pads. The result is a streamlined design. In addition, audio processing enhances speech and reduces background noise in video and audio meetings.

The bottom of the right ear pads are the primary controls. They include a power button, Bluetooth pairing and ANC settings, a volume control, a slider for media playback, and a call-start/end button. Although at first you may have difficulty finding the right controls, once you become accustomed to their layout, the ADAPT 360 is extremely easy to operate.


With ANC disabled, I could get just over two days of use from a 3-hour charge. With ANC turned on, I could get a day and a half of battery life.

Audio-wise, the EPOS DNA on the ADAPT 360 delivered. A crisp sound with low shrillness was clear in the mids and highs, while a robust, yet controlled bass was evident in the bass. Listening to music from a variety of genres was overall a relaxing experience. Also, the ADAPT 360s handled gaming and video conferencing well.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with the EPOS ADAPT 360 headset if you want a stylish, reliable headset that will transform your meetings. With active noise cancellation, this headset is perfect for staying productive in any environment. You can use your headset anywhere thanks to its comfortable, ergonomic design and durability.

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