Emma ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Watkins confirmed as an ambassador for Huawei’s StorySign app in Australia

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StorySign app brings the joys of story time to hearing impaired children

The StorySign app was launched by Huawei in Australia today. StorySign uses AI to provide an enriching reading experience for deaf or hard of hearing children and their parents.

To help with the Australian launch, ‘Yellow Wiggle’, Emma Watkins has joined as an ambassador. She is a strong advocate for sign language and is already well known to kids.

“This is an initiative that is close to my heart and it’s wonderful to see the power of technology used to make such a positive impact. I have found signing is a powerful way to connect with our young audience, so I’m delighted to be an ambassador of this StorySign app that is helping young deaf children participate in reading and literacy.”

Emma Watkins

It’s been reported that around 400 children are born deaf each year in Australia. The StorySign application used with a smartphone such as the Mate 20 Pro and a physical book will help to deliver a unique and engaging storytime experience to these kids.

“With StorySign, Huawei is using the power of its AI and innovative technology in a meaningful way,”

“We’re delighted to make this incredible StorySign app accessible to our local deaf community in Australia.”

Lisa Connors, Huawei Australia Corporate Responsibility Manager.

Deaf Australia has also partnered with Huawei Australia to raise awareness and encourage support for those affected.

“The deaf community often struggles with content to address children’s literacy development needs. With the StorySign app now compatible with Auslan, Huawei is making digital tools accessible to Australian children. We are proud to continue our work with Huawei on the StorySign project as it unfolds in Australia.”

Kyle Miers, CEO of Deaf Australia

The StorySign application is available for free on Google Play Store to use with your Android smartphone. Additional information on how you can help is available on http://www.storysign.com. The StorySign campaign hub on the Huawei website has also been configured for accepting donations as well as via the ‘about’ section on the StorySign app. The proceeds going towards supporting deaf child literacy projects in Australia, including more books for StorySign.