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ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 Smart Robotic Vacuum Reviewed

Robot vacuums have been around for some time now and are rapidly becoming a standard feature in most modern households. With how much the technology has advanced, it’s important to ensure you get the features that you need now and a little into the future.

That said, we recently got the chance to try the Ecovac DEEBOT 900. This robot cleaner has everything that you would expect from a modern cleaning machine. It’s minimal and compact with only one visible button.

What does it offer?

Customized cleaning and efficiency

The Ecovac DEEBOT 900 differs a little from other robot vacuums on the market. It offers personalized cleaning methods to effectively scour various areas of your home. Using the Smart Navi 3.0 software, it first maps and assess the floor layout. Like several high-end robot vacuums, Ecovac understands the importance of mapping to ensure no area is left uncleaned. In short, no area should be missed during the cleaning process because mapping is done even before the cleaning cycle starts.

OK Smart House

We live in an extremely tech savvy and autonomous world, so it’s only reasonable to expect compatibility with smart devices. The idea of an automated vacuum is to simplify your cleaning experience. With that in mind, Ecovac, have ensured that the DEEBOT 900 is compatible with Alexa and a range of smartphones.

Clever settings

The DEEBOT 900 uses a systematic approach to clean your home. Once configured, it will not require any other user intervention other than if it gets stuck. With network connectivity, the unit can easily update to the latest firmware. Also, like other robot vacuums, it will return to base to charge when the battery has been depleted of charge.

Clean almost anything

With the Ecovac DEEBOT 900, you can clean almost anything. The suction inlet can clean all types of dirt including pet hairs. We felt that the dirt bin was a little on the small side but if it’s full it will let you know. Another neat feature that helps to improve the cleaning efficiency is being able to set different cleaning modes based on your cleaning needs and preferences. You can set cleaning modes like targeted, virtual boundaries and prioritized cleaning.

The DEEBOT 900 dirt bin


The Ecovac DEEBOT 900 has numerous sensors that help it navigate through obstacles around the floor. It had no problems navigating around items we placed in it’s path. Even our bar stools did not slow it down. The sensors combined with the mapping technology helps keep it away from obstructions.

Had no problems navigating these stools

Final Thoughts

The Ecovac DEEBOT 900 is ideal for small homes and offices. It can be used in larger locations, but the small dirt bin may need emptying more frequently. Packed with features, the DEEBOT 900 can offer more than just a cleaning experience. Now if it could only empty the dirt bin itself, we would be in cleaning utopia.