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Ecovac DEEBOT N79T Reviewed

Robots haven’t taken over the world, but they are certainly make inroads to taking over house cleaning chores. We look at a budget DEEBOT to see how the use of intelligent robots can make our lives easier.

The DEEBOT N79T is designed to be your robotic personal assistant and performs the vacuuming tasks in your home with effortless speed. With options of several cleaning modes, you can choose the best one needed so suit the area in your house.

Ecobot Deebot N79T

Let’s look to see if the DEEBOT N79T is a versatile little robotic vacuum capable of providing intelligent cleaning even when you aren’t around to keep an eye.

Nothing can stand in its way

The DEEBOT 79T has been designed to handle any obstacles in your home with accurate, tested obstacle detection to ensure that nothing can stand in the way of a proper clean. Cliff sensors, an added stair safety feature, protects the unit from toppling down stairs.

An effective, smarter clean

The DEEBOT 79T has been made for an effortless, smarter clean – and this is what makes it the top of the range for intelligent cleaning robots. There are several available cleaning modes depending on your individual needs and the size or layout of your house.

For whatever your cleaning needs, the DEEBOT 79T will adapt to your house and the level of cleaning needed – and cycle through sweeping, dusting, lifting and vacuuming for a more comprehensive clean so that you can rest assured the job has been done properly, even when you have very strict hygiene requirements for your home or office environment.

You can even set the DEEBOT to several cleaning modes depending on the level of dirt that you need taken care of, including Auto mode for your standard home cleaning job, Edge mode for those edges and Spot mode for the spills and messes that take some more work to clean.

When you need an even more specialized cleaning job done, you can set your DEEBOT to Max Mode for a thorough, deep cleaning that cleans up even the toughest stains that you’d struggle to clean yourself.

Settings set for your needs

The DEEBOT allows for a smarter way of cleaning – and it does this automatically so that you don’t have to worry about the fact that you’re not around to watch what it’s doing. Similarly, you can schedule cleans. Set a time to start while you are at the office and come home to a vacuumed house.

If you’re more forgetful than the rest of us, you don’t ever have to worry about charging the DEEBOT 79T: When the model needs to be charged, it returns to the charging station. Once recharged, the DEEBOT 79T will resume cleaning.

With the ECOVAC Control App, you can easily adjust the settings to your DEEBOT 79T from your PC or smart device for total control – and the DEEBOT 79T is both easy to use, easy to customize and it’s fully compatible with both Google Home or Amazon Echo, and it doesn’t take ages to set the system up.

As an entry level robot vacuum, the DEEBOT 79T performs well against other units at this price point. If you are on the hunt for an automated vacuuming solution and on a tight budget, take a look at the DEEBOT 79T.