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Ecoisme Combines Energy Saving and Technology in One Compact Sensor

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Ecoisme is a device that provides a simple and elegant solution for home energy monitoring. The Ecoisme connects to main switch in the circuit breaker and is able to detect the various appliances, peripherals, and devices through its power analysis. It even claims to be able to differentiate between televisions, computers, tablets, and laptops, but even more amazing different brands within the same product category.


Ecoisme Home Sensor

By singling out appliances, Ecoisme will be able to individually check the energy efficiency of each product as well as provide useful tips and suggestions to best save energy. Ecoisme will provide the feature of manually adding new appliances and devices through the Ecoisme Android and IOS companion apps, or through the user-friendly web interface. The web interface as well the companion apps will also provide the ability to watch the energy consumption of your household.

Ecoisme hasn’t stopped there. Through energy monitoring the Ecoisme will be able to notice increase power usage in such scenarios as a fridge door left open, and push alerts notifying the owner of the situation.

The Ecoisme has no form release date other than Spring. The Price is expected to be AUD$130

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