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DUX PLUS DUO iPad 7th Gen/ 8th Gen

While Apple goes to great lengths to make sure that their iPads are as close to “bombproof” as possible right off of the factory line, these are still pretty delicate pieces of technology that can use some extra protection.

That’s where the DUX Plus Duo case comes into play.

Military Grade Level Protection

For starters, every single component on the DUX Plus Duo case is made from military grade synthetics and plastics to provide a level of protection and security you’re just not going to find anywhere else.

But using military grade materials wasn’t enough for the people behind the DUX Plus Duo case.

Now, they also used those materials to create a case that would meet and exceed all US military drop tests – blowing military specifications out of the water and producing a case that provided far more protection from drops, dents, dings, and cracks.

7th and 8th Gen Compatibility

There’s no worse feeling than Apple rolling out a brand-new iPad line less than 12 months after you purchased your device, which is why the DUX Plus Duo has been made to fit both the seventh generation as well as the eighth generation of iPad hardware.

The fit and finish of this case is going to snug up against your iPad just like a second skin, with laser cut components that guarantee full usability of your iPad – the kind of usability you’d enjoy if your iPad wasn’t wearing this protective skin at all!

You’ll be able to charge your iPad, fiddle with volume adjustments, and use both the front or rear facing cameras with no difficulty at all. On top of that, there’s even built-in internal storage for either the Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon.

Mag Tech Closure for Reliably Security

To ensure that your screen stays protected at all times when you aren’t using your iPad, the DUX Plus Duo features a magnetic closure system that stays shut – no matter what – until you decide to pop the case open.

It’s just another neat little feature that the folks behind the DUX Plus Duo implemented into this very smart, very modern, very minimalist (but incredibly protective) case for the seventh and eighth generation iPad.