DJI Tello Iron Man Edition Drone Reviewed

Tello Marvel Drone

Tello Iron Man, the fun mini-drone born out of a collaboration between DJI and Ryzer, aims to amaze everyone with its wonderful design and features. It is an entry-level drone, perfect for beginners and those who are looking to get into flying.

AircraftWeight: 87 g (Propellers and Battery Included)
Dimensions: 98×92.5×41 mm
Propeller: 3 inches
Built-in Functions: Range Finder, Barometer, LED, Vision System, 2.4 GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, 720p Live View
Port: Micro USB Charging Port
Flight PerformanceMax Flight Distance: 100 m
Max Speed: 8 m/s
Max Flight Time: 13 min
Max Flight Height: 30 m
BatteryDetachable Battery: 1.1 Ah/3.8 V
CameraPhoto: 5 MP (2592×1936)
FOV: 82.6°
Video: HD 720P/30fps
Format: JPG (Photo); MP4 (Video)
EIS: Yes

The mini-drone has been designed with the look and feel of the classic armour of Marvel’s Iron Man. The gold motors, red shell and heroic arc reactor, make the drone stand out amongst the regular dark themed drones.

The Tello Iron Man is not only fun to play with but also an educational tool for children. Kids can further their code learning skills by programming the drone. They can use languages like Swift, Python and Scratch to have it fly autonomously, perform tricks and other interesting maneuverers. The coding feature is sure to take playing to another level.

Interestingly, you can employ several ways to fly your drone, which include using your mobile phone with Tello Hero app, Tello EDU app or Switch playground apps installed. It is also possible to connect the Iron Man drone to a compatible Bluetooth remote. We couldn’t get the official Tello (Hero) Iron Man app to work on Android or iOS so ended up using the regular Tello app.

The Tello Iron Man drone comes with a high-performance 5-megapixel camera. You can record 720p High Definition videos. One of the most impressive features of the Iron Man drone is that you can transmit the recordings to your mobile phone in real-time. The camera is even good enough to perform a quick visual inspection of solar panels on the roof from the safety of the ground floor.

No problems inspecting the rooftop solar

You can fly the Iron Man drone for a maximum of 13 minutes over 100 meters and explore the different perspectives of the Marvel world in a quite funny and easy way. Just be careful going too high as winds did start to move it around a little.

We found the Tello Iron Man drone to be perfect for beginners and amateur drone enthusiasts. The amazing real-time adventurous experience which you get through Iron Man drone is worth the money spent. It’s super fun too.