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Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Reviewed

Dell Inspiron 13 2-in-1

Known as one of the top computer manufacturers in the world, Dell offers a wide range of models for different sections of the market. With Dell Inspiron 13 7000, the company seeks to attract the youth demographic with a powerful laptop and flexible tablet features rolled into one. With its lustrous design and shiny bevelled edge, it is undoubtedly visually impressive. Some of the best features of this mid-level laptop include a 7th-generation Core i7-7500U CPU, 8GB (16GB) of RAM, a sleek backlit keyboard, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.

This computer is a 2-in-1, allowing you to use it as laptop for work or a tablet for recreation. Split screen browsing and seamless multitasking make it a great business laptop, while its ability to transform into a tablet for skimming web pages or casual gaming makes it the device of choice for users who want the best of both worlds. It comes in two variants: the cheaper 8GB RAM version with 256GB SSD and the 16GB RAM version with 512GB SSD. It is equipped with Windows 10 Home, which offers a fluid software interface with accurate touch functions.


The design of the Inspiron 13 7000 is eye-catching to say the least, with brushed aluminium casing and shiny bevelled edge. Available in grey colour, this laptop looks classy and professional. With a thickness of 0.8 inch and a weight of 3.4 pounds, it is also a fairly portable device. This laptop also comes with a full HD IPS touchscreen and a backlit keyboard for use in the dark. With its ergonomic Chiclet layout, the keyboard is suitable for some heavy-duty and fast typing. The keys offer good feedback, but they also travel 1.3 mm into the frame. Additionally, the device has a responsive and accurate trackpad.


This budget-friendly 13.3-inch laptop also provides expansive views, heat resistance, and durable components. One of the best features is the 2-in-1, which enables you to turn the laptop into a tablet just by detaching the hinges. The device screen has the ability to flip 360 degrees to make viewing more flexible and convenient. It features 1920 x 1080-pixel screen resolution, sRGB colour display, and the IPS Truelife LED-Backlit Touch Display panel. With these qualities, as well as wide viewing angles, 720:1 solid contrast, and accurate colours, this laptop offers a fantastic viewing experience.

Backlit Keys

The Inspiron 13 7000 also incorporates the latest technologies such as USB 3.1 with PowerShare and infrared camera with face recognition, making it an excellent choice security-wise. The configuration allows you to upgrade storage and RAM. The process of popping out and replacing the Wi-Fi or battery can be easily done.

Some key features that are available in the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 include:

  • 2-1 laptop
  • Excellent audio powered by Waves MaxxAudio® Pro
  • 7th-Gen Core i7-7500U CPU
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 8GB/16 GB of RAM
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution
  • 2 x USB 3.1 with PowerShare
  • FastAccess Facial Recognition
  • 13.3-inch Full HD IPS LED touchscreen
  • Affordability


This Dell laptop offers excellent performance with its 7th-generation Core i7 7500U Kaby Lake processor. It has enough brawn for multitasking, showing no stagger with the opening of multiple browser tabs, documents, and apps. Also, it is driven by the latest Intel HD Graphics 620, which is capable of running almost any modern game at low to medium settings. Playing GTA 5 or Counterstrike at low settings is usually not a problem. It also has a fantastic screen resolution and True HD to provide a crisp display with vivid colours, making gaming and watching movies or videos a more pleasant experience. This device also comes with superb audio features, such as Waves MaxxAudio® Pro tuned speakers that provide deep bass and sharp treble. The sound does not distort even when the volume is maxed out. This device also has a high power-efficiency rating. Its battery life is six hours, which is fairly good but not on par with few other laptops in its price range.


Overall, the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 can be considered one of the best mid-range laptops in the market. With strong computing power under its hood, alongside great looks and features, this model can rival a number of higher-end laptops available today. While it has many useful features, a comfortable keyboard, and surprisingly good speakers, its below-average battery life prevents it from becoming a truly top-rated laptop. Nonetheless, it is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable 2-in-1 laptop with good general performance.

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