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DEEBOT OZMO T8+ Reviewed

Robot vacuums are all the rage. After all, they are designed to perform one of the most tiring and boring house chores for you. One of the newest models in this market is Evovacs Deebot Ozmo T8+ and it is quickly getting popular too. Let’s take a look at the features offered in this advanced vacuum cleaner, and share our review of the product with you.

What sets apart the Deebot Ozmo are the innovation and appeal of its key features, which are also the main advantages of buying this robot:

True Detect 3D – This new 3D light technology called lidar, gives advanced capabilities to the robot in identifying obstacles in its way. It effectively scans the area and proceeds to clean items like shoes or toys lying around too. Compared to traditional infrared, this technology is 10 times more accurate.

True Detect 3D

Auto-Empty Station – This characteristic has practical benefits as you no longer have to get up and empty the robots’ bin every time you run it. This vacuum is supposed to give you 30 days of use until emptying is required. Plus, it is so intelligent that it does this job automatically when it returns to the base.

Auto-Empty Station

OZMO Mopping System – The mopping system in this device is truly advanced. It simultaneously vacuums and mops on its own. And it is extremely effective in removing stains as it also has a new 480/Min High-Frequency Vibration.  

TrueMapping  Another cool feature is its mapping that works by scanning and creating the best route for the most effective cleaning. You can also control the restricted areas on the app, the order of cleaning, and add multiple floors.



The T8+ has the standard circular robot cleaner design as it is the most effective in hovering around the house without being a safety or damage hazard. The overall build is made of black plastic, with a shiny, white top. One appealing element is the brushed metal used on its raised column that has the lidar.

The design is simple, offering ease in functionality. The top panel can be manually opened if you wish to empty the bin or get the cleaning brush. On the bottom, there are two large wheels of good quality which allows decent travelling.

A clear compartment is situated at the vacuums’ back. This can be filled with water to allow the robot to clean and mop.



  • All the new, innovative features are extremely practical and mostly live up to their claims.
  • Using the robot is quite easy using the Evovacs Home App, and it offers some great mapping and control features. 
  • Overall, this vacuum is extremely smart and follows all commands intelligently. 
  • The mopping system is excellent and is absolutely amazing for surface-cleaning, like picking up crumbs and tiny pieces. 
  • Great value for money.


  • Some users note that the vacuum has to be emptied before the claimed 30 days. After around 3 weeks of use, you might have to empty it.
  • Sometimes, very infrequently, object avoidance does fail when something too thin or small comes in the robots’ way. It may get stuck or trapped in areas and not be able to get out.  
  • Robot lacks a handle for easy carrying.

Final Verdict

The Deebot Ozmo T8+ is easily one of the smartest vacuum cleaning robots available today, with its impressive, innovative features and overall stellar performance. The few issues faced are so infrequent that they don’t actually cause many inconveniences. You can rely on this model for its quality and functioning, and for the price-tag- it is certainly worth it.