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D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle (DCS-8331KT) Reviewed

  • 03 min read
  • 04 Mar, 2020
D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle (DCS-8331KT) Reviewed

Setting up a smart home-based security system is one of the wisest investments you can make to protect not just your property but your loved ones, too.

At the same time, finding the right home security solution these days – one that interfaces with all the necessary components and works well “right out of the box” is nothing but simple or straightforward.

Unless you go with the D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle, that is.


The D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle comes with everything you need to get your new automated smart home security system up and running. It includes an intelligent motion sensor, HD Wi-Fi enabled camera, door and window sensors and can interface directly with the completely free mobile security application designed to work with these pieces of hardware exclusively.


DCS-8330LH Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

The DCS-8330LH Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera you get with the D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle is not too dissimilar to the previous D-Link cameras we have reviewed. Not only is it motion activated with included night vision capabilities, but it can record and stream high definition video over your wireless network to any internet-enabled device – even when you aren’t home. Some of the notable features of the DCS-8330LH include:

  • AI-based IVA Motion Detection
  • Built-in Smart Home Hub
  • Smart Home Compatible
  • 151° Viewing Angle

Smart Motion Sensor (DCH-B122)

The smart home sensor acts as a “trigger” for the rest of your D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle. It ensures that the system activates when needed and is also pretty easy to install. The included 3M mounting kit allows for simplified wireless installation.

Finally, the DCH-B112 Smart Door and Window Sensor set up allows you to secure your windows and your doors without having to fool around with wires. The wireless sensor dramatically cuts down the cost of installing a home security system, cleans up the installation, and allows you to move and modify your sensors as needed without a lot of headache or hassle. A neat little device that also features:

DCH-B112 Smart Door and Window Sensor

  • Sensor Bypass Button
  • Tamper detection
  • Zigbee connection

D-Link’s security bundle does such a great job because they integrate through the included (and 100% free) mydlink app. The application acts as the heartbeat of your system. Mydlink, not only connects each independent device over your Wi-Fi network but allows you to monitor, to reset, to schedule, and to analyze your system while on the go.

Final Verdict

All things considered, there are plenty of options out there to pick and choose from when it comes to smart home security these days.

That said, the D-Link Smart DIY Security Bundle offers you everything you need to get your home security set up started. The price is reasonable, and the solution flexible enough to extend and customise as your needs (and your budget) allow going forward.

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