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D-Link Launches DNR-2020-04P – A 16-Channel PoE Network Video Recorder (NVR)

D-Link DNR-2020-04P NVR

D-Link DNR-2020-04P NVR

D-Link ANZ has added a new Network Video Recorder (NVR) to its security and surveillance product range. The DNR-2020-04P is a 16-Channel Power over Ethernet (PoE) standalone NVR, storage and surveillance management solution for IP-based security systems. With a built-in setup wizard that supports automatic camera detection and video out ports (HDMI & VGA), the DNR-2020-04P is a breeze to setup.

The DNR-2020-04P supports simultaneous recording, remote access and live camera viewing across the supported 16 video cameras. PoE functionality is provided through the supplied 4 ethernet ports and it’s also capable of integrating 2 SATA HDDs. With today’s consumer storage drives, that’s potentially up to 16TB of video storage.

Some of the key features of the DNR-2020-04P include:

  • Range of viewing options
  • Multi-channel live view
  • Supports PTZ cameras
  • Supports 2-way digital audio
  • Range of recording modes (continuous, scheduled, event driven)
  • Support email notifications on alerts
  • IP whitelist for remote access
  • Supports RAID-1 when 2 HDDs are used

The bundled software includes search capabilities, video playback, remote backup and backup verification capabilities. The DNR-2020-04P is available now from D-Link directly or authorized resellers and has a recommended retail price of AUD$999.95.

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