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D-Link EXO AX AX5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router Reviewed

In a world where the internet is King, Wi-Fi is queen. One is only better with the other – thus the quality of your home Wi-Fi is of great importance. We reviewed the new D-Link EXO AX AX5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router to decide if it’s worthy of royal status. 

Made specifically for the smart home, this router can easily handle a family’s worth of devices. Enabled with WiFi 6, you obtain a huge upgrade to speed and performance. 

Setup video courtesy of D-Link

First, let’s cover the features:

  • Hook up multiple devices, seamlessly 
  • Extended coverage – get a great connection anywhere in your house
  • Supreme encryption powers for enhanced privacy 
  • Completely automated upgrades
  • 4 Ethernet ports

Now, all that is impressive, but not the end of it. Let’s explore some other helpful features about this router:

Wi-Fi SpeedAX5400 (600 + 4800Mbps)
Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty
Ethernet SpeedGigabit Ethernet
Dimensions (Size)318.69 x 241.35 x 61.5 mm
NBN/UFB SupportFTTP / FTTC/ HFC / Satellite / Fixed Wireless
Ethernet Ports4
USB PortsUSB 2.0 x 1|USB 3.0 x 1
Guest NetworkYes
Parental ControlsSchedule|Custom Profiles
Wireless BandsDual Band
WAN InterfaceGigabit Ethernet
Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-FiYes
Mesh StandardD-Link Wi-Fi Mesh
Wi-Fi TechnologyWi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
Smart Home CompatibleAmazon Alexa|Google Assistant
Internet ProtocolsIPv4|IPv6
Wi-Fi SecurityWPS|WPA/WPA2-Personal|WPA2/WPA3-Personal
VPNQuickVPN Enabled
QoSBy Device
Firmware UpgradeOTA Firmware Upgrade|Automatic Firmware Upgrade|Manual Fimware Upgrade
NAT ForwardingPort Forwarding|Virtual Server|DMZ
SpeedTest PoweredYes
App SupportD-Link Wi-Fi

It helps your devices

If you can believe it, the AX5400 router can also help save battery life on your devices. 

“How’s that even possible?” You might ask. 

The router communicates with your devices and deciphers when data transfers are necessary, going into energy-conservation mode when they aren’t. So your phone or computer isn’t working hard when it doesn’t have to be. 

Keep the neighbour’s WiFi at bay

With close-by neighbours, sometimes Wi-Fi signals can get confused. The result is that your devices slow down, possibly even kick you off the internet. Not only is this hindering to your Tinder swiping abilities, but it can also be a major headache if you’re trying to run installs or do work over the internet. 

The AX5400 router works its magic to convince your devices to only accept its signal and ignore your neighbours. This ensures that your WiFi usage is more efficient. 


The internet is making constant leaps forward, and it’s not stopping any time soon. The speed of the AX5400 is up for the challenge – especially for device-heavy homes. 

By making the upgrade to WiFi 6 with the purchase of this router, you get:

  • Four times the capacity of WiFi 5
  • A 25% increase in data rate

Aside from this speed jump, the router can amplify the reach of its Dual-Band WiFi to handle 6 simultaneous streams. So, if you feel the need to stream a 4K movie, fight with lightsabers in a multiplayer VR world, and video chat with mom all at the same time, piece of cake. 

Without getting into all the tech-speak, that’s some major bandwidth. Have no fear about the router’s ability to support a home with a few computers, multiple phones and tablets, WiFi printer, smart TV, and smart-home assistants – the AX5400 was built for that. 


The best thing there could be about a router is the ability to be mindless about it. Because you know, if you’re thinking about it that means that it’s probably causing you problems. There are a lot of automated abilities within this router, but that doesn’t take the control out of your hands. 

You’re still in charge, with the help of these features:

  • Internet Speed Test app: test your speed rating whenever you need to, from an app on your phone. No-fuss. 
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrated: run commands like rebooting your router, turning on guest WiFi and update firmware all with voice commands.
  • Overall management: completely accessible through D-Link’s user-friendly apps.

Still need a bit of help getting the hang of your new router? D-Link’s customer service is revered for its high-quality support. And the three-year warranty has got you covered for quite a while. 

Final Thoughts

The D-LINK EXO AX AX5400 Mesh WiFi 6 Router is a stellar choice when you’re ready to upgrade your wireless. Considering the ease of use, accessibility, and overall capabilities of this device, it was made for the smart-home family needing loads of performance.