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D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router Reviewed

D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router

D-Link ANZ, one of the most notable names in the networking, Wi-Fi and surveillance technology, has been providing a variety of products designed to connect people across the globe for more than 30 years. One of their latest products is the DWR-118, a new wireless mobile broadband AC router.

Designed to connect to both fixed and mobile broadband, the DWR-118 is ideal for homes that are always connected to the Internet. It is also suitable for homes that are unable to access fixed broadband services. Intended to combine several types of Internet connections, this AC router is an excellent option if you are interested in establishing a connection to the Internet to share with others who are visiting. It’s also a great option if you want to have a backup connection should your fixed Broadband connection fail.

Design and Build

The design of the D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router is rather simple. In fact, it looks very much list the majority of other routers. Along the back, you’ll find a single blue port and four yellow ports. The blue port serves as the connection to the Internet. The yellow ports are used to connect additional wired connections. The power cord plugs into the back of the router, as well.

Rear ports on the D-Link DWR-118

A dual antennae is located on either side of the top of this router. These antennas provide access to Wi-Fi. They are movable, so you can adjust them to get better service, should it be needed. A USB port is also situated on the top of the router. This can be used to plug in a 4G USB dongle.

Slot for the 4G USB Dongle

Along the front, you’ll find a collection of diagnostic LEDs. These lights let you know if the router is plugged in, connected, and the stability of the connection.

Setting the D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router is relatively easy; it’s similar to the setup of most routers. The only real difference is that you want to make sure you set up the USB dongle. Once everything is set up and ready to go, you can enter your usernames and passwords. Once all of this is done, you will gain Internet connectivity. Should you have any difficulties, a setup wizard is available to guide you.

Once your DWR118 Wireless Router is set up and connected, you will be able to take advantage of the features it offers. These features include:

  • Simultaneous 4G
  • Faster, more reliable, and uninterrupted Internet connectivity
  • Lightning fast wireless speeds
  • Cutting-edge network security


I found the performance of the DWR-118 to be a little disappointing after the great results we had with the D-Link EXO AC2600. However, to be fair to the DWR-118, it isn’t targeting the same consumer segment. You can see from the heatmaps below how the router performed around a typical house configuration. Internally, it worked fine but as we progressed outside we saw a rapid signal degradation.


Signal heatmap on the same floor as the D-Link DWR-118

Signal heatmap a floor above the D-Link DWR-118

Final Thoughts

Overall, the DWR-118 Wireless Router from D-Link offers exactly what it says it will. It’s easy to set up, offers a reliable and fast Internet connectivity that won’t be interrupted, it offers outstanding network security, and the wireless speeds are incredibly fast.

Should you purchase this wireless router? Well it depends. If you don’t have nbn yet and you need better than low grade ADSL2+ performance then yes! It’s a good investment and will ensure that you – and everyone else in your home – will always have access to fast Internet whenever it is needed.

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