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D-Link DSP-W118 Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review

  • 02 min read
  • 03 Sep, 2019
D-Link DSP-W118 Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review

D-Link DSP-W118 mydlink Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug

In a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) is topical, home automation devices breaking new ground, it’s cool to see a device like the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug bringing legacy devices into the modern era.

The DSP-W118 is explicitly designed to provide “smart device” accessibility to legacy devices that were not ever even envisioned to have these kinds of capabilities. You plug your lamps, small appliances, and your other electronics directly into the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug. You immediately get a lot more wireless control over that hardware than you would have had otherwise.

Some of the neat features of the DSP-W118 we found included:

  • Works fine with existing wireless networks
  • Slim design so it doesn’t encroach on other outlets
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • Scheduled timer controls for the outlet

The included Android and iOS apps (available free of charge) allow you to turn the smart plugs on and off wirelessly from any mobile device (from any internet-enabled device, for that matter). Similarly, you can use the app to set custom schedules, and even give you a chance to better monitor energy usage directly from these platforms, too.

The D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug isn’t the first-ever device of this kind to become available, and it certainly isn’t going to be the last.

However, the way it stacks up against the competition (e.g. Amazon Smart Plug) helps set it apart from the rest of the pack. Not only is the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug less expensive, but it’s also more user-friendly and a lot more capable. It also has a slimmer profile than most of the other “smart plugs” you’ll find on the market right now.

From a design and aesthetic point of view, there isn’t a lot to go crazy over when it comes to the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug. This is a pretty simple and straightforward looking device, elegant in its simplicity but not something you are going to go gaga over anytime soon.

Highly functional, it ties directly into your existing Wi-Fi network and has some of the best wireless stability of any of these smart plug devices. Found it to be plug and play without a lot of fuss and a lot of fiddling. Likewise, you’re able to do the bulk of the optimizing and configuring directly through the mobile application.

All in all, the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a top-tier piece of technology for bringing legacy devices into the smart device world.

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