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D-Link ANZ Announces Industry’s First Wi-Fi Siren, The DCS-S220

D-Link Wi-Fi Siren (DCS-S220)

D-Link Wi-Fi Siren (DCS-S220)

D-Link have revealed the latest product in the Connected Home series line. The Wi-Fi Siren is another step to bring home automation and security to the public. The Wi-Fi Siren produces an alarm or siren noises to deter any intruder. The Siren plugs into any convenient power outlet and with a press of a button on the Siren it is now connected to the home network is ready for use.

The Siren is able to produced six different siren sounds as well as one buzzer sound. Connected to a smartphone or tablet the Siren is able to provide updates and alerts when the home owner is away for an extended period. Smartphone connectivity allows the user to easily set instructions for the Siren as well as how it communicates with other Connected Home products.

The Wi-Fi Siren works best in conjunction with other Home Connected products such as the Wi-Fi Motion Sensor (DCH-S150). Paired with the Motion Sensor, the Siren will play an alarm which will deter anything nearby. Connect the Siren to the HD Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-935L) and be able to see what is happening when you receive an alert.

The features of the Wi-Fi Siren (DCS-S220) include:

  • Works with other D-Link Connected Home devices
  • Six selectable siren sounds and one buzzer sound
    • Ambulance, Beep, Door, Emergency, Fire, Police
  • 100 dB siren output with adjustable volume
  • Connects to your existing Wi-Fi network
  • One-touch setup with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Plugs directly in to a wall outlet

The Wi-Fi Siren is available now at a RRP of AUD$129.95

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