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D-Link Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-2530L) Reviewed

The D-Link DCS-2530L watching over the room

Burglaries, invasions, and vandalism are on the rise in these days, and it can be risky to leave your home, store, or building unsecured. One of the best ways to prevent these crimes is to install surveillance cameras in your property. The D-Link DCS-2530L is a surveillance camera that is specially-designed to help you keep a close eye on your property at any time and from anywhere. This camera features a full HD 1080p resolution for clearer viewing and wide angle viewing capability to give you a 180-degree view of your property. It also comes with a sound and motion detection function that sends images and video clips to you via email.


The D-Link DCS-2530L has a sleek appearance, and its black colour makes it hard for intruders to notice its presence. The device is spherical in shape, and it is mounted on a circular disc for sturdy attachment to the wall or ceiling. The camera can rotate 180 degrees, providing surveillance of an entire room or open space. This means that you only have to buy one camera for each space that you are monitoring. The front side of the DCS-2530L has a microphone, IR LEDs, light sensor, and signal locator LED.  At the back of the camera, you will find a micro SD card slot, WPS button, power/status LED, reset button, and a micro USB port. There are also vents on the back side of the camera that help keep it cool.

The dimensions of this surveillance camera are 110 x 66 x 66 mm. Its small size adds to its ability to avoid detection. It weighs only 105g, making it very lightweight and easy to install at almost any location. It also features a rotatable head for easier ceiling installation.


The D-Link DCS-2530L comes with a great set of features that make it one of the most effective surveillance cameras in the market. Here are some of its notable features.

  • High quality HD 1080p resolution
  • Built-in IR LEDs for recording images in low light
  • 180-degree wide angle viewing
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Mydlink enabled for offsite viewing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • UPnP and DDNS support

One of the main attractions of the DCS-2530L is its ease of use. It provides wireless connectivity, allowing you to install it at any location in your property. Additionally, it is equipped with a Signal Locator LED to let you know the strength of the wireless connection, so that you can choose an ideal place for installation. The camera also offers backwards compatibility with 802.11g, as well as UPnP and DDNS support. The power consumption of the DCS-2530L is 4.5 watts, which is minimal. It works with a 100 to 240v AC power adapter at 50/60 HZ of input and 5V DC at 1.2A of output. The product is CE, CE LVD, FCC, and ICES certified.


The effectiveness of the DCS-2530L depends on its positioning. In order to take full advantage of its 180-degree viewing capability, you have to make sure that it is installed at a place where it can rotate freely. The camera provides crystal clear recordings with full HD 1080p resolution. Its built-in IR LEDs enables it to capture video and images clearly in a low light environment and even complete darkness, up to five meters away.

The motion sensors are very reliable as they are able to pick up subtle movements or sounds. Once motion and sound is detected, alerts will be sent to your connected devices. However, this can be problematic because the device may send you unimportant notifications about the slightest movements and sounds. To avoid receiving too many alerts, you can use a provided app to reduce the sensitivity of the sensors. The device’s mydlink Cloud service enables you to view and manage the camera and its recordings from a remote location.

It is important to note that the camera functions most efficiently in temperatures of 0 to 40 °C and humidity levels of 20 to 80 percent.


The D-Link DCS-2530L surveillance camera is an excellent device for preventing theft, burglary, intrusion, and vandalism. It allows home and building owners to monitor areas in their properties from a remote location at any time of the day. It has all the necessary features to effectively detect and report unauthorized trespassing and other activities, as well as useful apps and capabilities to ensure prompt and smooth communication with the user. It is also a durable device that can last a long time. Overall, it provides excellent value for your money.

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