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Crucial Shows an Economical Way of Speeding Up Your Computer

Upgrade your RAM for about a tenth the cost of a new computer

In a recent study, Crucial found that leading IT managers experienced some form of slowdown in their computer fleet after 3 to 4 years, generally before their disposal date. Rather than having to refresh these early, it’s possible to squeeze a little more life out of the assets through a cost-effective RAM upgrade.

“Many computers built from 2013 to 2015 shipped with two to four times less RAM than their maximum. The manufacturers did this to keep costs down, but as a result, you’re probably not getting optimal performance. Increasing or maxing out your RAM is easy, inexpensive, and delivers increased performance whether your computer is new or old.” – Jeremy Mortenson, Crucial DRAM Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

Whilst, this may not be possible in 100% of the time, RAM upgrades do provide a cheaper alternative to a full PC replacement. This is especially true if the original machines were spec’d with minimal RAM and users are experiencing a lot of read/writes to the slower swapfile. Crucial have a range of affordable solutions that can help with increasing RAM capacity.

“If your computer is expected to last three or four years, and you can afford to buy a new one whenever it slows down, more power to you. But for the many people who can’t, dealing with a slow computer is a nagging problem that seemingly has no easy solution. However, there is one – upgrading your computer’s memory is a simple and cost-effective way to get a faster computer and extend its life.” – Mortenson added.

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