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Crucial Shows Customers an Easy Way to Install Their SSDs

Crucial SSD Installation

Crucial have published an easy guide for first-time HDD installers to swap out their old drives with a brand new Crucial SSD. The guide is in four parts and covers preparation, copying, installation and downloads.


  1. Grab everything you need – Crucial SSD, screwdriver, etc…
  2. Put SSD spacer aside
  3. Backup your files – just in case
  4. Take things slowly and carefully

Crucial note that the longest part of the process is the copying of data with 1TB taking upwards of 90+ minutes to complete.


  1. Connect the SSD to the system
  2. Download the file copy software Рfor Crucial SSDs you can grab it from
  3. Install the software
  4. Enter the serial # to unlock the required features
  5. Prepare to copy the data
  6. Select the source and destination drives
  7. Take a breather – this is the longest part of the process so take the time to catch your breath


  1. Shutdown the system
  2. Remove power cable and battery (for laptops)
  3. Hold power button for 5 seconds – you need to discharge any residual energy
  4. Open the case
  5. Earth yourself – you can do this by touching any unpainted metallic surface
  6. Locate storage bay
  7. Remove the old drive
  8. Insert the new drive and reattach any cables/brackets
  9. Reassemble the system
  10. Turn the computer back on
  11. Enjoy the new speed


  1. Enable Storage Executive – free software that helps make your SSDs fly
  2. Click on one of the “download” buttons
  3. Open and run Storage Executive
  4. Enable Momentum Cache – helps the SSD run even faster

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