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Creative Stage Air Reviewed

Creative Stage Air

Anyone looking to invest in inexpensive but still high-quality speakers for their PC is going to fall in love with everything that the Creative Stage Air has to offer.

The Creative Stage Air soundbar system is going to cost less than most high-quality sets of headphones while offering a tremendous upgrade on the overall sound quality.

Before we dive any deeper, it’s essential to highlight the fact that this soundbar isn’t exactly the most exceptional sound system on the planet. Nor is it on par with traditional surround sound systems or equipment for home theatres. But it is a fantastic bargain and a great way to upgrade your PC sound quality if that’s something you are after.

Slick Design

Slim and slick

Whatever else its shortcomings maybe it’s impossible to say that the Creative Stage Air isn’t one of the more attractive PC soundbar options.

With a relatively slimline profile that can be slid right underneath most monitors for discrete sound equipment, it is a minimalist, modern, and attractive piece of technology. The soundbar isn’t ever going to draw attention to itself.

Functionality is built into the design as well. With dual USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, power and volume buttons easily accessible, and even an auxiliary input if you want to use the speakers with other sound equipment.

Power and Performance

Two dual 5W sound drivers are built right into everything that the Creative Stage Air has to offer. The speakers allow for a reliable sound output even if it isn’t going to blast or boom sound throughout your home.

Most people are going to be listening to their speakers while sitting right at their desk and do not need to be blown out of their chair anyway. This helps the Creative Stage Air to be an even more attractive option than some of the louder systems out there.

Bass was ok, midrange sounds were complementary, and the highs were reproduced well enough though sometimes they were a little bit washed out and flat. You won’t notice anything amiss when you’re listening to movies, podcasts, or video games.

Closing Thoughts

There are always going to be people a little bit nervous about pulling the trigger on a set of cheap speakers. You never really expect quality components to be available at this low price tag.

If your expectations are adjusted correctly – and you’re looking for quality PC speakers rather than home theatre – then you’ll love this budget focused solution.