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Creative Outlier Air V3 Reviewed

Another entry-level pair of wireless earbuds from Creative is here that picks up where the last pair left off. You get better sound, as well as better call quality. These earbuds are hard to beat when you’re on a budget and need a lot of bang for your buck.


Aside from the colour scheme for the case, the Outlier Air V3 is almost identical to the Outlier Air V2. In addition, the earphones themselves have been slimmed down considerably to make them more comfortable for a wider range of ears. Things have changed under the hood, too.

The Creative team chose bio-cellulose drivers, essentially an organic material that’s like paper. That reduces the overall size of the earbuds, and on the whole, makes them sound better. I expected the bass and treble to be weak, but these were much better balanced. A little sibilance shows up at higher volume, or when you use certain equaliser settings, but the overall sound is great.


The Outlier Air V3 headphones have everything you need, including quad mics for clear call quality, active noise reduction with ambient mode, and Bluetooth 5.2. The headphones are also sweatproof, rated IPX5. If you use the case for three additional charges, you can listen for 10 hours. 

The 6mm Bio-cellulose drivers used in these earbuds offer outstanding sound quality. Consider SXFI (Super X-Fi) if you’re an audio enthusiast and want an extra kick in performance. With SXFI, you can create a virtual map of your ears that allows you to tailor the sound to your specific ear structure. 

Final Thoughts

Although the V3 lacks in-ear detection and comes with a bulky charging case, it offers better audio performance and battery life than most headphones at this price point.

Aside from that, they also feature useful noise reduction and ambient modes, as well as a rock-solid Bluetooth 5.2 connection, and you can customise their audio and touch controls in their app.