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Connect SmartHome

Connect Smart Home

Home automation technology is all the rage right now, and for a good reason.

We finally have solutions that deliver the results promised to us ever since the first few episodes of The Jetsons aired – technology that allows us to control (almost) every aspect of our homes with our voices or our mobile devices.

At the same time, finding the right home automation solutions for your needs can be a little more challenging than expected. Not because there are so few quality options out there, but because there are so many.

Thankfully though, the folks at Connect SmartHome have simplified things significantly. Claiming to be the number one selling home automation brand in Harvey Norman over the last few months, they offer solutions across a variety of different applications that help you satisfy all of your home automation needs.

Connect Smart RGB LED Light Bulbs

One of the least expensive but most transformative home automation technologies you can invest in straightaway is smart lighting. It can transform the way you like your home, the way you consume energy, and help you to dip your toe into the home automation world to see if it’s for you.

Connect SmartHome RGB LED

The Connect SmartHome RGB LED lightbulbs allow you to enjoy soft, yellow light or bright and brilliant white LED light – all under your complete and total control, without any dimmer switches necessary. They also allow you to use a bunch of different vivid colours thanks to the RGB technology built right in.

Fitting perfectly into all of your existing lights and fittings and connecting to smart home “hubs” like Google Home and the Alexa suite of devices from Amazon, these LED lightbulbs are a straightforward and inexpensive way to get started with home automation.

Connect Smart Wall Switches

Connect Smart Wall Switches

After you’ve made the smart move to automate your lighting, you’ll then want to expand the amount of control your smart home “hub” enjoys over the rest of your electronic devices or appliances, and that’s where these smart wall switches come into play.

The smart switch allows you to control better a string of lights (smart or not) from a single switch. You’ll also have the opportunity to control a variety of other pieces of hardware that have been linked into your home automation hub, too.

These Wi-Fi-enabled switches can control ALL of your lights from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world. You can also preprogram your lights through these switches (and home automation applications) to fit your daily schedule or energy needs, too.

Connect SmartHome Wireless Smart Security Cameras

Connect SmartHome Wireless Pan & Tilt Smart Security Camera

The right wireless smart security system (headlined by smart security cameras like these) gives you the peace of mind, the safety, and the protection you and your loved ones deserve – all while connecting effortlessly to the rest of the smart devices we highlighted above.

These cameras offer high-resolution video and still image capture, crystal-clear audio capture, and even have night vision capabilities using infrared lighting technology. All cameras protecting your home can be synced up and automated to network with one another, creating a total blanket of security that’s tough to get with traditional solutions.

The cameras also have the option to live stream or record your security footage (via traditional storage solutions or cloud-based storage options) and the chance to watch footage on your favourite devices – including your phone, tablet, or laptop.

It’s easy to see why so many people continue to go crazy over everything Connect SmartHome home automation solutions like these has to offer.