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Creating the kind of smart home that once only existed on shows like The Jetsons is a whole lot easier today than ever before thanks to the innovative, exciting, and breakthrough options from CONNECT SmartHome.

Finding unique ways to straddle the line between modern aesthetics and design as well as the rise of “the internet of things” and smart home automation technology, CONNECT SmartHome simplifies and streamlines bringing our homes into the 21st century.

Take CONNECT Smart Wireless Water Controllers, for example.

Giving you a lot more granular control over the way water is used throughout your home, you’ll be able to lower your environmental footprint while increasing your overall water usage efficiency at the same time.

Powered by rechargeable batteries that use solar power, you won’t just be able to control your water with this technology – you’ll be able to track and optimize your water usage, too.

CONNECT Smart Fairy Lights are another really cool smart home addition you’ll want to consider adding to your living space.

These fairy lights are built on the back of the latest LED lighting technology, again producing and energy efficient solution that is totally controllable, customizable, and a lot more useful than traditional fairy lights, too.

Though you probably won’t want to design the lighting in every space around these Smart Fairy Lights, they do work wonders as accent pieces and add a lot of visual flair to your space for sure.

The CONNECT 10 W Smart RGB Downlight is a different kind of lighting solution, one that provides more whole traditional lighting for your individual rooms – but with a unique twist!

Install this kind of lighting in your home and you’ll be able to fill each individual space with 16 million color combinations, all totally controllable with the CONNECT SmartHome application thanks to the RGB lighting technology built right in.

The LED tech running behind the scenes keeps your lighting cool and consistent, allows you to dim or brighten your lights without any extra hardware, and also puts out 1000 lm over a 25,000 our lifetime runtime.

Best of all, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to upgrade your whole home to these kind of downlights, either.

Of course, no smart home would be complete without a singular universal remote that was truly universal – capable of controlling (almost) everything in your home with ease.

CONNECT Universal Smart IR Remote is a dream come true in that department.

Elegantly designed, super compact, and capable of controlling kinds of devices from a single remote control – including your televisions, your air conditioners, and everything else using IR remote control technology – this is a game-changing piece of technology.

You can also pair this universal remote from CONNECT with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart hub tools (and applications). This makes your home even a little smarter, getting a lot more flexibility and a lot more versatility to fold these CONNECT into the rest of your home automation system.

At the end of the day, you just can’t go wrong with the new SmartHome series of tools from the folks at CONNECT.