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CD Slot Mount Reviewed

CD Slot Mount

If you use your phone or smart device in the car for things such as GPS maps and music streaming, you would appreciate the convenience of a sturdy device holder or mount. Aside from providing easy access, car mounts are also critical for anyone driving around in Australia. There are strict and enforceable rules for any driver that is handling their device whilst on the roads. For this reason, many get phone mounts for their cars.

I’ve used a number of mounts in the past but the CD slot mount that we are going to take a look at today, is the first that installs in the car’s CD drive.


The CD slot mount is an easy-to-use, simple device holder that can fit 2 – 3 devices at once. Thanks to its triple ball design, you can tilt your device in a range of angles as well as change orientation from horizontal to vertical. The included C-grip appears to be strong enough to handle a wide variety of devices up to 3.5 inches wide. It certainly had no problems handling my iPhone 7 plus.


There’s a good reason why the CD slot mount received the Original British Invention of the Year: it simply works.

You can rotate and tilt the CD slot mount to different angles, finding an ideal position that will give you access to all your device’s settings quickly and conveniently. You can also manipulate the mount even with only one hand.

Although you need to mount this on the CD slot, you can easily remove the mount to insert a new CD. You can still play CDs with the mount installed.

A common problem among phone mount consumers is their ability to hold weighty phones and stay secure on bumpy rides. Fortunately, this tool from the UK is strong and durable. The grip can also manage large and heavy phones, keeping it steady throughout the trip. The triple ball design also adds the device mount convenience for your front passenger.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there’s no other CD slot mount in the market that offers you the flexibility, convenience, and durability than this one. It may not be the best fit for everyone, but it’s certainly the right tool for most drivers. The firm C-grip keeps your devices stable, and if you wish to add more devices, you can purchase an extra C-grip. You can quickly change the viewing angle with one hand as well.

If you are sick of the cheap and nasty phone mounts from your favourite auction site, these are definitely good value for money.

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