TP-Link KL60 – The Kasa Filament Smart Bulb, Warm Amber

LED lightbulbs offer so many advantages over traditional, filament style lightbulbs that it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone choosing filament style lightbulbs – except for the look, style, and aesthetic that they bring to the table. That said, many consider traditional LED lightbulbs to be a little bit too bright, little too brilliant, and a […]

TP-Link KP303 Smart Wi-Fi Powerboard with Surge Protection

Keeping your modern electronics (electronics that can be a little bit delicate, particularly when hit with a big surge of power) safe and protected should always be priority number one. Especially considering just how expensive these kinds of devices can be to put place. Unfortunately, old-school and traditional surge protectors usually aren’t designed to give […]

TP-Link KL130 – A Multicolour Smart Wi-Fi Bulb

Home automation tools and technology are red-hot right now and for obvious reasons. The technology itself is better than it has ever been before, more affordable than it has ever been before, and more accessible than it has ever been before. Smart lightbulbs that take advantage of Wi-Fi technology, like the TP-Link KL130 Smart Bulb, […]

QNAP QuWakeUp: QWU-100 Reviewed

Are you tired of having to manage the power state of multiple devices physically, going around and turning them on or off daily? Sometimes numerous times each day? Then the odds are pretty good that you’ll be interested in everything the QuWakeUp: QWU-100 has to offer. The QuWakeUp: QWU-100 is designed and engineered to significantly […]

D-Link DSP-W118 Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review

In a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) is topical, home automation devices breaking new ground, it’s cool to see a device like the D-Link Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug bringing legacy devices into the modern era. The DSP-W118 is explicitly designed to provide “smart device” accessibility to legacy devices that were not ever even […]

TP-Link Kasa Spot Indoor Camera (KC100) Reviewed

TP-Link’s KC100 – Kasa Smart Spot Security Camera is fondly referred to as “Always Spot On” by the organisation and also little brother to the KC120. Like the KC120, the KC100 is also: Cost effective Wall mountable Packaged with a 3m USB cable Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Installation process is exactly the same as […]

TP-Link KC120 Kasa Cam Reviewed

TP-Link’s KC120 Kasa Cam is the company’s first attempt at a premium security camera at a budget price. Designed to deliver 1080p content, the KC120 aims to provide 24×7 monitoring while you are out. TP-Link highlight the following key differentiators: Competitive RRP Companion Application (Kasa) is highly rated Includes 3m USB cable 25ft night vision […]

Omna Wire-Free Indoor / Outdoor Home Surveillance Kit Launched by D-Link ANZ

Addressing the needs of consumers needing 24×7 smart home monitoring, D-Link ANZ has launched their latest in the Omna range – the Omna Wire-Free Indoor / Outdoor Surveillance Kit. Including a WiFi hub, the surveillance kit offers a range of sweet features: Extended battery life with lithium batteries Record locally or to the cloud Complementary […]