Must Have Belkin Accessories for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Being a regular traveler, I recently went searching for iPhone and Apple Watch accessories and found myself looking at a range of Belkin products. Here is a brief list of Belkin accessories that I think are an absolute must for any Apple product holder. MIXIT Metallic Car Charger (F8M730btC00) MIXIT metallic car charger is Belkin’s […]

Apple iPhone 8 Rumours

Rumors and so called “leaked” images of the new iPhone 8 have been floating around for some time now. To keep up with all the geek talk, here’s a quick refresher on what’s doing the rounds: It might come in all glass – We could learn one thing from iPhone 4 that a case of […]

Working From Home – How to Effectively Set Up a Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular especially in this highly technological age. Apart from being convenient, it is also quite economical, totally eliminating time required for travel as well as the associated costs. One of the drawbacks for many people with working from home though is how to switch to office mode, since the […]

ZUS Smart Key Finder (iHere) Reviewed

Do you want to be the master of tech? If you want to be in full control over your keys and phones, there’s one device you should consider getting. It’s called iHere. Portable and well designed, it lets you manage these prone-to-get-missing items.  Find out what made it a standout and worth the money you […]

FSP Amport 62 6 ports USB 62W QC 3.0 Black Quick Charger

FSP Amport 62 6-Port USB Quick Charger Reviewed

We live in a modern age where handheld devices dominate our lives. People, own not just one, but multiple devices. Portable devices like smartphones and tablets have turned into necessities as we seek modern ways to communicate with each other. While small gadgets offer a lot of convenience, charging them all are anything but. Fortunately, […]

Lexar® JumpDrive® C20m Reviewed

One of the major concerns of smartphone and tablet users is storage. There is a simply a huge amount of content that people put on their mobile devices. The usual culprits that take up space are pictures, videos, music files, and reading materials. Fortunately, the Lexar® JumpDrive® C20m micro-USB flash drive is the ideal solution […]