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Card Wars Kingdom: Adventure Time

  • 05 min read
  • 03 Aug, 2016
Card Wars Kingdom: Adventure Time

Card Wars: Adventure Time was released on mobile gaming platforms in early 2014. Based off the immensly popular Cartoon Network program ‘Adventure Time’ Season 4, Episode 14 episode ‘Card Wars’. With over 50,000 5 Star reviews, with an overall rating of 4.2, and between half a million and a million downloads. With Card Wars being a hit, Cartoon Network have released a sequel . Card Wars Kingdom.

While Card Wars was based off the aptly titled Card Wars episode. Card Wars Kingdom is based off the Season 7, Episode 37 episode ‘Daddy-Daughter Card Wars’. Card Wars Kingdom is a table-top card-based fighting game which allows users to summon creatures and spells in battles with AI opponents, with Player v Player battles being a new feature of Kingdom. Card Wars and Card Wars Kingdom are similar to the style of the hugely popular Magic the Gathering series.


All the Adventure Time regulars are back. Players can play as Finn, Jake, BMO, LSP, Princess Bubblegum and many more characters, as well as classic locations such as Jake and Finn’s treehouse, and Pricness Bubblegum’s laboratory. As players play and win more battles they will earn reward points, and experience points to improve their rank. As they increase in rank they will also start unlocking new areas on the map.


The tutorial is fairly simple and short, providing the player with the knowledge of the mechanics of the game and the various abilities, creature, and spell cards that players can build on and strengthen by winning battles and unlocking treasure chests. The mechanics are a simple drag and drop. Want to cast a spell? Drag it and drop it over which ever creature you want to affect. Want to attack? Drag which creature you want to attack with to the creature you want to attack.

If you’re one of those players who would rather skip through the tutorials and figure everything out yourself there is a lot of tapping next involved before you are able to explore on your own, which can get really frustrating. Overall, the game mechanics are extremely easy to pick up with the game providing a gentle hand as you continue to unlock new features.

Screenshot_20160801-123635There is an energy system while fighting and as the battle progresses each player gains addition energy. A player needs energy to play cards and to attack the opponent’s creatures. Once a player is out of energy they must end their turn. Each card has listed in the upper left corner the amount of energy required to play the card. Each creature also has an indicator indicating how much energy is required to attack. There is also an energy indicator above you character indicating the remaining energy left. It’s not required to use up all energy before ending a turn, but since the energy doesn’t roll over, it is advisable to use it all up.

After a certain point the game becomes a kind of grind and fairly repetitive, with the challenge aspects falling off as the battles become fairly easy to win. Players are left to grind to increase their ranks as to open new areas of the map to access those features. The incorporation with the Adventure Time universe may make it less of a grind for fans, not so much for casual gamers.


There are advertisements and in-app purchases in this game which parents should be aware of before letting their kids loose on the game. There is an overall energy system when it comes to battles, with battles costing a certain amount hearts, once exhausted players have to wait for energy to be replenished at a rate of 1 heart every 10 minutes, or head on over to the store and purchase more energy with real currency. While there are in-app purchases it doesn’t break the game in terms of creating a divide between casual players and paying players. There was nothing in the store that players couldn’t gain themselves from simply playing to game, which keeps the game free-to-play rather than pay-to-win.


For casual mobile gamers who are not into Adventure Time there is enough in terms of basic gameplay and a small learning curve that creates an atmosphere of fun and reward that will surely keep the game installed their devices to entertain them in their downtimes. For fans of Adventure Time and the previous Card Wars game there is a lot of fun little Easter eggs and nods to the show that will entertain while also making the battles enjoyable and memorable.

The file size for Card Wars Kingdom is 371MB so users should be careful when downloading, making sure they are on Wi-Fi, as 371MB is a fairly large chunk of mobile data for a lot of people. Card Wars Kingdom is also a significant battery eater. I played the game on a Nexus 5 mobile phone and during the hour long session the battery was drained from 60% down to 17%. So be sure to carry own a USB charging cable or a power bank, you will need it.

The game is available now on iOS and Android and is free with the game having advertisement and in-app payments. The in-app purchases range from $1.29 to $64.99.  Relatively easy to learn and conquer this game will provide countless hours of fun for casual mobile gamers while providing another portal fans of the series to travel back into the universe of Adventure Time and spend time with it’s inhabitants. Card Wars Kingdom is available now on both iOS and Android.


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