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Can D-Link’s Covr C1203 Provide Seamless Wi-Fi In All Places Inside Your Home?

D-Link Covr

D-Link, a leader in providing network solutions, is offering its next generation of Covr Wi-Fi system in its new Covr C1203. This is a 3-pack dual-band whole home Wi-Fi system that can provide a wireless network for seamless coverage and at ultra-fast speeds. This model features a design that is warm and friendly to any home.

As its name implies, Covr C1203 can provide three Covr Points where Wi-Fi access in the home is increased up to a maximum of 465 square meters. This broad coverage range should be more than adequate for a wide range of home styles and sizes. C1203 can provide smart roaming and smart steering that will enable home devices to achieve their optimum connectivity levels.

Key Features Of Covr C1203

The Covr Model C1203 is able to deliver seamless and scalable wireless network service because of the following key features:

  • MU-MIMO technology – this model has multiple users, multiple input and multiple output technology that can efficiently handle the W-Fi requirements of large groups simultaneously.
  • Easy set-up – the unit comes with a refreshed or updated D-Link Wi-Fi app that enables a user to set up and manage the router network easier.
  • Smart steering – this model can automatically direct a particular device to the best wireless band to reduce lag and buffering.
  • Smart roaming – this unit can enable home devices stay connected to the strongest signals to enable users to move anywhere in their home without any restrictions, and still remain covered.
  • Firmware updates – this unit comes with a push notification for firmware update ensuring that Covr system is always updated.
  • Three-year warranty – this model comes with a limited three-year warranty, together with the company’s customer service and support.

The Key Specs Of Covr C1203 include:

  • Antennas – 2 x 3 (Tx/Rx) Internal
  • Ethernet ports – 2 x Gigabit (Auto WAN/LAN)
  • Wi-Fi radios – up to 866 Mbps (5 GHz)/ 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz)
  • Wi-Fi standard – 802 11ac/n/g/b
  • Dimensions – 107.7 x 108 x 51 mm
  • WPS – yes
  • Coverage area – up to a maximum of 465 square meters or 5,000 square feet (3-pack)

Covr C1203 Offers Better Coverage

With Covr C1203, there will be no more dead zones in any home. With the mesh network system of the Covr C1203, Wi-Fi in all its nooks and corners will be strengthened. There are three discreet cover points in this system that enables it to cast its Wi-Fi mesh so that it can cover 465 square meters of space.

Have a look at our wireless network before we used Covr:

1st-floor wireless

2nd-floor wireless

And here it is again, but this time connecting to our Covr wireless mesh network:

1st-floor Covr Mesh

2nd-floor Covr Mesh

You can see the difference on the 2nd floor where the additional Covr unit makes all the difference.

It Is Easy To Set Up And Manage

D-Link Covr

The process of setting up Covr C1203 is very simple and once the system is running, it is very easy to manage. It will provide multiple devices in the home enough bandwidth so that they can all remain connected. Seamless online connection will be experienced in all devices wherever they are in the home and streaming content even in HD will be fast.

There will be no need for Wi-Fi boosters or extenders once the Covr 1203 is running. The Covr 1203 is small and does not appear unattractive. Therefore, there is no need to hide it or cover it with something more pleasant to look at. This unit is designed to appear good wherever it is placed.

The Covr C1203 Enables Better Parental Control

With Covr C1203, parents will have no problem in controlling its use by their children. This unit will give them full control of their network. It will allow them to set limits and create profiles to manage its use by their children and also to prevent other third parties from taking advantage of them.

Final Verdict

D-Link’s Covr C1203 is ideal for homes which require seamless Wi-Fi in all its areas. It is easy to set up and manage and has the capability of providing seamless connectivity to all of your devices.