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Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Reviewed

Brother QL-810W Label Maker

Businesses need the right support to continue growing and competing in their respective markets. These include having a practical, affordable tool for creating labels for marketing and packaging such as the Brother QL-810W.

Brother is one of the leading printer manufacturers in the world. Renowned for creating reliable desktop and photo printers, Brother also sells cutting-edge label printers. They sell a range of label printers, but the QL-810W stands out for a lot of reasons.


The Brother QL-810W is a small label printer that measures 12.5 cm in length, 1.45 cm in width, and 23.4 cm in height. The labels for this model come in two-tone colours, e.g. white/black or red/black. Weighing about 1.07 kgs, it is portable and easy to carry. Its casing is easy to grip. Like other Brother printers, it features sleek buttons if you wish to adjust the settings.


The Brother QL-810W label printer supports wireless printing as well as via USB. With the wireless setup, you have the convenience of printing labels directly from your smartphone and/or tablet.

Printing samples

This is a super handy feature, especially at corporate events such as trade fairs or conferences.

Similarly, the QL-810W is an ultra-fast label printer that can print up to 110 labels every minute, which makes it one of the fastest among the label printers from Brother or other manufacturers. You can use a continuous length of label paper, such as the DK-2251, or use the automatic cutting feeder for uniform-sized labels. This one has a default size, but you can also customise it according to your preference. You can also print your own designs or use the built-in label templates. It supports up to 300 x 600 resolution, which is enough so images and words appear clear and crisp on the labels. Note, though, this is limited to the colour of the label media.

Final Thoughts

The Brother QL-810W is easy to setup and use on our test iMac running the latest Mac OS. Once it was up and running we saw how valuable the Brother QL-810W can be to a growing business. It was super-fast, has wireless support, and robust. Despite the price tag, we found this to be a worthwhile addition to the office.

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