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BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch + USB-A Port

BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch + USB-A port

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and realising that your iPhone didn’t charge overnight. Having to scramble for a charger to get your phone back to as close to 100% as possible is not the best way to start your day.

Belkin’s brand-new BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock for your iPhone and Apple Watch looks to be just what the doctor ordered. Wireless charging, and anything else using a USB A port guarantees that you never again have to worry about that nightmare coming true.

Three in One Wireless Charging Capabilities

The BOOST UP is designed to offer the latest and greatest in wireless charging technology. Specifically engineered to work with Apple devices like the iPhone and the Apple Watch, you’ll get 7.5 W of wireless charging power right out of the box. That’s more than enough to charge all of your favourite devices while you sleep.

On top of that, the BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock also includes a dedicated 5W USB A port. This lets you can charge up wired devices at the same time as well (like Air Pods, for example). All of this is possible while only plugging the BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock itself into a single outlet.

Blazing Fast Charging Speeds

Not only will you get to make the most of the latest in wireless charging protocols that let you gently rest your iPhone or your Apple Watch on the surface of the BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock charger, but you also get some of the fastest wireless charging technology as well.

Because this unit has been intelligently engineered to offer a wireless “refuel” working at 7.5W you’ll be able to charge your phone from 0% to 50% inside of about 30 minutes. Likewise, all the way up to 100% inside of an hour and ½.

Built-In Nightstand Mode

Another big advantage of the BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock is that it uses a magnetic charging module that instantly recognises when an iPhone or an Apple Watch has been placed on the charging surface.

The wireless transfer of energy happens immediately upon contact, but the intelligent software running behind the scenes also turns your phone or your watch into an alarm clock. It displays core details and information on the screen of your device while it is connected.

The second that you break the magnetic transfer your screen returns to normal and then it flashes right back as soon as you toss it back on the charger.

It doesn’t get any easier to use than this!