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Blue Yeti X Reviewed

Blue Yeti X

For some time it’s been hard to imagine a better USB microphone than the Blue Yeti – until now. Enter the new Blue Yeti X.

The older Blue Yeti is one of the very best USB microphones money can buy. Regardless of if you are looking to record YouTube videos, podcasts, or songs, it has smashed expectations of what a USB microphone could do.

And now the new Blue Yeti X takes things even further – keeping the price affordable along the way.

Incredible Design

For starters, the Blue Yeti X is just a little bit sleeker, slimmer, and more “premium”. It maintains the same ultra-friendly and highly favoured footprint and profile that made people go so wild for this microphone in the first place.

More importantly, while the size of Blue Yeti X has changed, the dimensions that allow the microphone to be used with third-party accessories remain the same. You can continue using accessories you’ve purchased for the old Blue Yeti with your new Blue Yeti X!

It’s great to see product design taking into consideration the impacts on accessories.

Amazing Power and Performance

New sound capture hardware built right into the Blue Yeti X allow this new mic to utilise the same individual recording modes available previously (Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional). Likewise, the four modes support even higher audio fidelity qualities across the board.

Customisable LED lights allow you to see visually how your audio feedback is coming across with the new Blue Yeti X, too. The 11-segment volume meter lets you know exactly where you are while you are using the microphone — a great feature for live streaming. You can easily maintain the sound quality during live broadcasting. A quick press (or long) of the individual buttons can adjust volume and audio settings on-the-fly.

Feature Rich

To get the most out of the Yeti X, you will need to install the Logitech G Hub software as well as Blue VOICE. These applications help take your Blue Yeti X to entirely new levels.

You’ll be able to create, save, and deploy numerous different audio profiles for your microphone on-the-fly. It can be used to map specific recordings to sound patterns and profiles.

Out of the box, Broadcaster presets are perfectly tuned for those that want to stream, share videos, and want to make podcasts as well.

All of these features result in maybe the best sound quality of any USB microphone we have used, and that includes the original Blue Yeti. A new four capsule condenser array takes things to entirely new levels and helps make the Blue Yeti X something extraordinary.

Final Verdict

The Blue Yeti X is for you if you’re serious about investing in a high-quality microphone that lets you take your recording to the next level. With crystal-clear and buttery smooth audio capture capabilities – you won’t need to look further than the Blue Yeti X.