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Blue Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White) Reviewed

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Blue, a popular microphone maker, produces a range of great products for professionals and entry-level consumers. Its microphones are known for capturing natural and accurate sound from all types of sources. Blue’s Snowball is an entry-level microphone at a very affordable price and we took one for a test drive.

Features of the Snowball Microphone

This microphone is designed for those who are fond of podcasting, streaming or recording voice-overs. The Snowball is supplied with a desktop mount and it offers three audio capture patterns. A cheaper model is also available but doesn’t have the capture patterns of the standard model.

Here are some of the more interesting features of the Snowball that we found:

  • The Snowball has a unique two-condenser-capsule that is designed to capture gaming, podcasts, music, and vocals
  • It offers the convenience of plug and play with PC and Mac
  • The unit includes a USB cable and a completely adjustable mike stand made of metal
  • It offers three capture patterns
  • Comes in chrome, gloss black, and textured white (reviewed model)
  • The Snowballs’ transducer type is condenser, pressure gradient with USB digital output
  • Its polar patterns are Omnidirectional and cardioid
  • The frequency response of the Snowball ranges from 40 – 18 kHz at positions 1 to 3
  • Its sample/word rate is 44.1kHz/16-bit
  • It is spherical with a circumference of 325 mm
  • The unit weighs only around 460 grams

Three Key Capabilities of the Snowball

There are three important capabilities of the Snowball when it comes to capturing sounds from different sources. It performs its best when recording sounds coming from streaming and computers. This microphone offers three pick up settings that will enable the user to capture sounds accurately in any recording situation.

Settings and USB port


If the capture setting of the Snowball is in the cardioid position, it will pick up the sound coming from the front. For single-direction audio capture such as podcasts and instrumental solos, this setting should be preferred.


If the user needs to capture the voices of a group of singers, a group of acoustic instruments or in streaming a podcast or a conference call, he should choose this setting. The mike will capture the sound in 360-degree accuracy.

Cardioid with 10 dB Pad

if the user needs to capture sounds from a very loud source, he needs to have the Snowball at this setting. It will reduce the mike’s sensitivity to enable the capture of the loudest voice or the loudest instrument without any distortion and in crystal clarity.

Easy Set Up

The Snowball is very easy to set up. It only has to be plugged in and the user will just wait for its drivers to install, after which he is all set to go. If you are running Windows, the microphone will set itself as the PCs primary recording unit. There is no need to adjust the sound settings. After this setup, you can immediately switch to your favourite recording software and start capturing and recording the sounds for whatever project on hand.

Performance of the Blue Snowball

The sample rate of the Snowball is 44.1 kHz/16-bit. This is common for all microphones with non-professional grades. If you are wanting studio-quality sounds, this wouldn’t be the mic for you but for the budding podcaster or YouTube hero, the sound recording quality is more than ample. The device is small and it has a threaded mount making it very portable and perfect for on-site recording.

A recording sample using the Blue Snowball:

Final Thoughts

The Blue Snowball is a great entry level microphone for those interested in running their own streaming content. Whether it’s a podcast or a YouTube voiceover, the Snowball is both affordable and up to the task.

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