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The Best Monitor for Gamers – ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Curved 27”

Curve screen makes for a mini cinematic experience

ASUS is known for making great gaming machines. Back in August, 2017, they announced a new monitor for their Republic of Gamers (ROG) range called the Strix XG27VQ. We are very lucky here at GeekLingo to be able to get our hands on a unit from one of the first local batches.

Made with professional gamers in mind, the Strix XG27VQ will not fail to appease consumers by offering the thrill of gaming with an unparalleled experience.


This monitor measures 27 inches, but it offers 1920 x 1080 viewing with a curved frame. It provides an immersive experience for gamers with the smooth use of Adaptive Sync. It connects with DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI. For the sake of providing enhanced customization, this monitor also comes with ASUS Aura RGB lighting on the back of the model. It also has LED lighting projection on the base. Strix’s XG27VQ operates on new MOBA modes for the sake of enhancing colors and providing a more enhanced gaming experience. In order to eliminate smearing and motion blurs, ASUS includes their Extreme Low Motion Blur technology. Images will look more fluid and be more responsive on this curved screen than what they would normally be on a flat screen. It also serves to lower the amount of visual lag a gamer might experience. The Adaptive Sync or Free Sync technology provides smooth visuals as well, which also functions to lower the amount of lag on screen.


The monitor can also tilt and swivel as needed for adjusting to a gamer’s needs. The curved frame makes for a more comfortable viewing experience on the eyes by reducing stress on user’s vision over time. Another design aspect included is the ASUS Eye Care technology, which also focuses on minimizing eye strain and fatigue. This design aspect works with flicker-free backlighting, and it also includes blue light filters. Such filters are needed to help people reduce their brain activity in the wee hours before going to bed. Blue light can keep the brain active for far longer than people intend. The curved screen model aims to extend the viewing spectrum available for gamers. Instead of being limited to a specific field of view with a flat screen, gamers can turn seamlessly and make better use of their peripheral vision more often than with a flat screen. In many aspects, this type of screen brings a 3D feel to games as users turn from one angle to another.


ASUS love their shiny lights

Graphics on this monitor operate with smooth precision, almost as if they come from silk. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, it will continue to be visually engaging for long periods of time. For the sake of maintaining this engagement with silk quality, ASUS includes the Extreme Low Motion Blur to prevent graphics from tearing and stuttering. This feature is great for online games to keep up with constant frame rate changes. For people looking to set up a LAN party, Strix’s model is one of the best options. The curved screen wraps around 1800R to expand the gamer’s field of vision for the same of full immersion into the game. Furthermore, it offers multiple viewing angles without distorting original images. Additionally, colors will not shift out of place or blend beyond recognition. All of the lines will remain tight and sharp. One of the features gamers will like the most is the customizable light signature with the projection light at the base of the monitor. These lights serve to enhance desktop surfaces and provide the right amount of ambient lighting onto a keyboard.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to looking at the right gaming experience, ASUS offers one of the best graphics displays with their ROG Strix XG27VQ. This model was obviously made to extend the field of view and sharpen visuals on the screen to the point that lag no longer becomes a problem. Therefore, gamers should seriously give this model so thoughtful consideration.

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