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The Best Card Reader: Aluminum USB 3.0 HUB and Card Reader from SATECHI

SATECHI Aluminum USB 3.0 HUB and Card Reader

With all of the devices people need to use on their computers nowadays, it makes sense that they need to invest in a card reader. After all, computers only come equipped with so many USB ports and SD card ports. Therefore, going with the best model from SATECHI is the only option for most people.


This small extension hub by SATECHI sits neatly next to any desktop or laptop computer. It adds three more USB 3.0 ports from just one port. Also, it offers an SD slot and microSD slot. The USB cord connecting back to the computer is only a few inches long, so the hub needs to sit on a flat surface nearby to a USB port on the computer. This connector works with either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports, but it works best with USB 3.0 ports.


The goal behind SATECHI’s model is to keep the system as streamlined as possible. It does not take up much room, and but it adds access to so many items. At the same time, it comes with aluminum materials to make it durable. Some plastic models do not stand up to the hard wear and tear people place on their electronics, and this statement is especially true of hubs like this one. Items are constantly plugged and unplugged from the hub, so it needs to stand up to damage. At the same time, some people might be tempted to just carry around USB jump drives sticking right out of the hub without any protection. Therefore, SATECHI’s model needs to protect drives from drops as much as possible.


For people seeking a little bit of an extension to their media plug in options, this model takes the cake. However, it does limit the number of USB ports people can access. At the same time, anything can be plugged into the USB ports from printers to keyboards to mice and even to external hard drives.

Final Thoughts

SATECHI’s model of USB hub is great for people wanting a little bit of extension for their USB ports. It does work well with some laptop and desktop models, so it will probably give people just the right amount of extension they need. However, some laptop users might find it does not quite have enough USB ports for their needs.

Our US viewers can purchase the SATECHI USB 3.0 HUB and Card Reader from the Amazon link at the top of this review. For our Australian readers, try one of the following online retailers:



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