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BenQ W11000H CinePro Projector with 4K Reviewed

  • 04 min read
  • 28 Oct, 2018
BenQ W11000H CinePro Projector with 4K Reviewed

The BenQ W11000H is a projector in its own class and should be considered if you’re looking for high definition video quality in your home that’s as good as going to the movies. With features like more than 8.3 million pixels and a 14-element lens array, you can be assured of seeing a superior definition picture – with no compromising on overall quality, even because of environmental circumstances like the size of the room.

Here’s why we recommend the BenQ W11000H as one of the most popular options in the market for both home and professional use.

It’s Like a Cinema

Quality, high-definition video matters – and with the BenQ W11000H, you have top cinema technology right at your disposal. Digital Light Processing (DLP) is an award-winning technology that changes the way projection is processed, and it’s the same technology being used in all IMAX theatres and some digital cinemas over the world. The video clarity it provides has made BenQ the top-selling DLP projector brand on the market today.

You can count on high-definition video resolution with the BenQ W11000H. Clear-as-life video is presented to you through more than 8.3 million pixels for true high-definition that’ll knock your average high-definition system right out of the ballpark. The BenQ W11000H also supports HDR: That’s High Dynamic Range, or what ensures your projector can provide you with sharp, incredible contrast between shades.

BenQ W11000H CinePro 4K Projector
BenQ W11000H CinePro 4K Projector

Likewise, any photographer will tell you just how much lenses matter when it comes to a clear picture – and the same applies to the picture you get from your projector. The BenQ W11000H consists of a uniquely designed 14-element lens array grouped into six to provide a clear, pristine and perfect picture projected in front of you. The lenses are specially designed for the highest quality projection possible, offering you clear images – and True Zoom with no quality loss.

Easy Setup

Nobody should be forced to take several hours out of their lives just to figure out how to set up their television or projector – and the W11000H makes setup and use a quick and easy process. All you have to do to get your projector set up is plug, play and click – that’s it. There’s also enough space to allow for several cables – and there are cable locks to keep cables in the right place. No more clutter or having to deal with a maze of wires all over the place.

Additional Features We Loved

True Zoom is a unique technology that has been designed to adjust itself according to the image, and the lenses have been created to adapt to create a zoom function that can enlarge the image without any quality loss.

Similarly, the BenQ W11000H has been designed with a unique H/V Lens Shift function that’ll adjust the lenses to the specifics of your room – and it takes the height, distance, angle and overall size of the room into account when calculating the adjustment, ensuring that the space you’re using to project can be used to its full potential for a truly immersive experience.

Clear CinematicColor Technology

Providing a high-definition quality picture is about more than just the projection and the lenses. The BenQ W11000H also makes use of Clear CinematicColor technology to enhance the quality of the projected picture – and really make the colour pop when it matters. For when you need to feel like you’re there, the 6X RGBRGB colour wheel and special calibrations mean the colours are especially lifelike.

The photo doesn't do this justice. The colours were popping and quality great.
The photo doesn’t do this justice. The colours were popping and quality great.
Great quality output whilst playing Nintendo Switch
Great quality output whilst playing Nintendo Switch

The BenQ W11000H is more than just a projector – it’s a means to a clear, high-definition experience for when you can’t afford to compromise; it’s the go-to choice for movie enthusiasts and professionals who need quality. It has been created to adjust according to the room and its individual lighting as well as to adjust its settings to suit the picture you are projecting for the best quality. You can also select from some preset light models depending on your viewing needs, including whether it’s day or night.

After the short play we had with the BenQ W11000H, you can tell that it is made to the highest international quality standards. Each individual projector is put through a strict quality control test to ensure customer satisfaction. They are also individually calibrated to ensure that you will get the same quality picture that BenQ is well-known for.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely one to consider when comparing 4K projectors. The 4K performance was both breath-taking and flawless. One caveat though, to get the best out of this projector you do need a good quality screen to project onto. That said, if you have the budget and want a cinema-like experience, the BenQ W11000H may just be the projector you need.

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