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BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector Reviewed

  • 04 min read
  • 28 Jul, 2018
BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector Reviewed

The BenQ TK800 Entertainment Projector is a compact and cost-effective unit that promises to deliver 4K HDR capability combined with XPR Technology. Sounds like an ideal projector for sports and gaming fans. Let’s take a look.

BenQ TK800 Design

BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector, 8.3 Million Pixels, 3000 Lumens, 3D, Keystone, HDMI
BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector, 8.3 Million Pixels, 3000 Lumens, 3D, Keystone, HDMI

BenQ TK800 measures 35.3cm x 13.5cm x 27.2cm and weighs 4.2 kg. This projector was engineered to deliver to bring a cinematic experience to your home, ideally your living room. The device features a single 0.47” DLP chip manufactured by Texas Instruments.

The front of the chassis is painted with metallic blue color, with the lens positioned on the front left side of the device. The projector also features quite massive vents on the sides, which help with cooling (max temp shouldn’t exceed 40 degrees Celsius)

The fan is quiet, used to cool the built-in 240-watt UHP lamp. Top of the chassis is where things get interesting. Here, you have the classic control buttons (Menu, Auto, On/OFF, etc.) You also have the wheel at the top right corner, used to adjust the Zoom. In short, the BenQ TK800 allows plenty of adjustment, which pairs well with its vast compatibility (more on this later.)

At the back of the chassis you’ll find plenty of ports: two HDMI ports (of which one is HDCP 2.2), Audio In/Out ports, VGA, Mini B and Type A USB ports, RS-232 (for controlling the AV system), and the 12 Trigger.

The projector comes with a remote controller. Most importantly, you can select desirable mode (such as PC Mode, Light Mode), or switch between functions such as 3D or HDR.

Specifications & Compatibility

BenQ TK800 is compatible with all known types of HDTV, from 480i to 2160p. The projector also works with 3D glasses, which you can include in your order additionally, together with spare lamp kit. We didn’t have the 3D glasses as part of the review so this aspect was not reviewed.

The projector lamp is reported to last from 4000 to 10 000 hours, depending on the mode you use: normal, eco or economic. Resolution wise, TK800 supports everything: you can pair it with old VGA, 640 x 480 machine, or display the imagery in 4K. Native resolution is 1920 x 1080, and you’ll have to adjust it manually if you want it changed.


TK800 features built it, CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 speaker. This 5W speaker delivers quite potent and clear sound, as well as deep bass. The vocals are crystal clear both in high and low frequency, all thanks to the aluminum driver diaphragm. Speaker also features quality, heat-resistant magnets, which don’t cause distortion even after long-term use.

Note that you can select various sound modes for specific activities (for watching sport, playing video games, etc.) And because the TK800 has a built-in speaker, you can carry it anywhere you want without worrying about the sound output.


BenQ TK800 outputs high-quality image quality utilizing the latest technology. It uses the power of XPR technology, with 8.3 million pixels for every single frame. The projector puts a lot of effort into eliminating the blur, trying to project HDR image.

It focuses a lot of its energy on color accuracy, trying to preserve image integrity by avoiding poor brightness, shadowing or any other issue. The projecting lens consists of 7 elements: the lens features excellent light penetration and minimal chromatic aberration.

BenQ TK800 also makes sure that the environment light doesn’t interfere with the image quality. It is particularly good in well-illuminated living rooms, especially for sport. BenQ also boasts about their new 4K color wheel, which covers 92% of the entire REC color space (709, read more about it here.)

This projector features several picture modes, each used for a specific situation (like Sport, Vivid, 3D, etc.) For example, Sport picture mode is excellent not just for traditional sports, but also for E-Sports.

Usability, Features & Benefits

BenQ TK800 is sleek and stylish and will fit nicely in modern homes. It is also eco-friendly (features BenQ SmartEco technology) which reduces the electricity bill but also increases lamp life. We also forgot to mention that the BenQ TK800 is very autonomous and easy to set up.

You can adjust the projector automatically (with functions such as Auto Keystone), or manually. Regardless of the method, adjusting should be fairly straightforward.

Final Thoughts

The BenQ TK800 is an excellent solution for all sports lovers and gamers. And just because it is perfect for sports, don’t think that BenQ TK800 can’t project movies in high quality (especially horror movies!)

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