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BenQ EW2770QZ 27” IPS Entertainment Monitor Reviewed

If you’re looking for a computer monitor that is easy on the eyes and will give you plenty of space to get your work done, look no further than the BenQ EW2770QZ 27″ QHD Premium Eye-Care Monitor with Brightness Intelligence Plus.

BenQ EW2770QZ Slim Bezel

This high resolution, LED monitor is 27 inches in size and sits on a space-saving stand, which means it won’t take up tons of room on your desk, table or wherever you are using it. Super slim bezels on all four sides offers edge to edge viewing. Outfitted with IPS panel technology, this monitor offers Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology that optimizes the performance of the display, whether you are using it for work or for pleasure. The Flicker-free technology and the Low Blue Light mode are easy on the eyes for those long viewing sessions. In fact, this monitor is so easy on the eyes that it has receive an eye comfort certification!

This monitor is compatible with a VESA wall mount, so if you want to take it off of a desk or table and put it on a wall, you can easily do so. It’s a plug-and-play monitor and is compatible with any HDMI computer.

Design and Build

The design of the BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is quite pleasant. It has a super slim arm and a space saving base, which makes it an excellent choice for using on a desk space, as you won’t feel like it’s taking up a tremendous amount of room, which means you won’t be overwhelmed by it. Since this monitor is compatible with the VESA wall mount on the back of it, you can easily display it on a wall, giving you even more space on your desk. Overall, the design is extremely sleek and unimposing.

BenQ EW2770QZ Space Saving Base

This monitor has been specifically designed to go easy on the eyes. Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology allows the display performance to be optimized, protecting your eyes while still delivering high quality images. The Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology is highly intuitive and quickly detects ambient light levels and the color temperature in your specific viewing environment. It will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen and the color temperature to ensure that you have maximum viewing comfort. This monitor is also outfitted with Flicker-Free technology, which reduces flickering at all levels of brightness, thus reducing eye strain and fatigue. Plus the Low Blue Light technology filters out blue light that can be harmful to your eyes. In fact, there are a total of four Low Blue Light modes, including Multimedia mode, Web-surfing mode, Office mode and Reading mode.

BenQ EW2770QZ Image Quality

The Eye-Care Monitor from BenQ offers outstanding resolution. It has the ability to simulate images that have a high resolution by enhancing the density of the pixels of the original source of your videos. Optimal color precision means that the monitor will deliver consistent and accurate colors for an exceptional color performance. The Smart Focus features makes it possible to pinpoint a specific area on the screen and turn that area into a focal point. The area that you highlight will remain bright and the areas around it will become dimmed so that you can really focus on whatever it is you choose to.

Lastly, you can customize the user controls, setting the buttons to do whatever it is that you want them to do.

BenQ EW2770QZ Monitor Controls

Key Features

The BenQ EW2770QZ 27″ QHD Premium Eye-Care Monitor with Brightness Intelligence Plus is outfitted with a number of features that set it apart from other monitors.

BenQ EW2770QZ Inputs

The most notable of features that this monitor offers include:

  • VESA wall mount compatibility
  • Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology
  • Eye-Care Technology
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Slim stand for surface use

Final Thoughts

The BenQ EW2770QZ 27″ QHD Premium Eye-Care Monitor with Brightness Intelligence Plus is an excellent option if you spend a lot of time looking at screens and want to reduce damage to your eyes. While it might be a bit on the pricy side, the multiple features and the sleek design make tit well worth the investment.

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