Belkin Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker Review

I recently got the Belkin Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker. It works great and can easily be used all over the house. It’s user friendly and compact so it won’t take up much room. I really appreciate this product’s simplicity, from the speaker and the charger’s setup to its user-friendly operation. The speaker/charger comes with, power supply and instruction sheet included in the box.

Amazing Sound  

With this speaker, you can rock-out to your playlist or sit back and listen to your favourite podcast easily with the high-quality sounding speaker. The volume level is impressive and better than any other similar product. Bluetooth pairing is easily activated with the touch of a finger, and you can answer incoming calls and listen comfortably with a crystal-clear sound. 

Simple to Use 

This charging dock is magnificent, and it easily lets you change from landscape to portrait, whichever you prefer to use. I love how I can listen to music while I charge my smartphone. It charges quickly with the Boost technology that offers extra power. I prefer the quality of sound that comes from this speaker to the quality of sound I get from my smartphone, by far. 

Boost Charging Technology is Unmatched 

I thoroughly enjoy waking-up every day with all my devices charged. The Boost charge offers power that is unmatched and will charge your device’s unbelievably fast. This charger has more power than other chargers, and you can charge other devices quickly, at the same time. Simply sit your smartphone on the charger, and it begins to charge; you don’t have to plug it in. 

Other Included Features

Some of the super features included with this device: 

  • Charge Wirelessly
  • Crystal-clear microphone and speaker 
  • Quick charging 
  • One-touch blue-tooth pairing 
  • LED light shows when the phone is connected and charging 
  • Guide that you can quickly install 
  • Easily and quickly charge up to three devices at a time on this dock 
  • Charge your phone without removing the case 
  • Extended warranty offered at purchase 

Great Charger and Speaker 

This is, overall, an excellent product. I love the simplicity of the charge and speaker and how convenient the set up was. Whether you want to answer FaceTime calls, watch videos, or use it for gaming, if that’s what you’re into, this charger with an included speaker is excellent for the job. The Belkin wireless charging stand and the speaker are a great product and have my seal of approval.