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Belkin ROCKSTAR Headphones with USB-C Connector

The ROCKSTAR headphones from Belkin take advantage of next-generation sound hardware and a USB-C connection to guarantee that you’re able to listen to your music on all your favourite devices without any headache or hassle.


Incredibly lightweight, these new USB-C headphones are made out of high-quality materials across the board. Super resilient, incredibly comfortable, and featuring full water resistance capabilities, these are fabulous headphones for your commute, the gym, or spending time outside when the weather is less than picture-perfect.

With more than 35 years of engineering experience under their belt, Belkin found a way to shoehorn incredible sound technology into these compact earbuds, providing for powerful bass and crystal-clear high, mid, and low frequencies that are tough to find anywhere else at this price point.

On top of that, noise isolation technology has been implemented across the board as well. Not quite noise cancellation technology (but close) you’ll be blown away by how much outside and ambient noise these headphones block out while amplifying the music and media your hoping to listen to in the first place.

Because the ROCKSTAR headphones provide a hardwired connection to your mobile device through USB-C, you don’t have to worry about batteries, wireless connections dropping signal, or any of the other headaches that wireless headphones bring to the table.

There are a lot of earbud-style headphones out there, promising the moon and the stars when it comes to sound, comfort, and performance capabilities. Few if any can go toe to toe with everything that these new ROCKSTAR headphones from Belkin have to offer – and none of them quite as affordable, either.