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Belkin Road Rockstar with 4 USB Ports for Front and Backseat Charging Reviewed

School holidays is just around the corner and no doubt a number of families will be planning one or more road trips. Something that is often overlooked is the charging capability for the people delegated to the backseats. Belkin’s Road Rockstar might be exactly what you need. A handy 4-port charger that provides USB charging options to the entire vehicle.

Up the front are dual 1.2 amp USB ports for driver and passenger smartphones. As the rear passengers are more likely to be on tablets, the dual rear USB ports can handle up to 2.4 amps. This should be enough for keeping iPads charged.

Higher capacity rear charging ports

Likewise, the cable from the front is around 6ft so the rear ports can be easily mounted on the seat pocket.

Rear ports can be mounted on the seat pocket

If you have a car with limited or no USB charging, the Belkin Road Rockstar 4-port USB Charger is for you. The added advantage of having a dual USB port in the front is the higher capacity rear USB ports. Your passengers will love you, especially if you have kids or run a rideshare/taxi/limo service.