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Australian Market Loves Aspera Mobile

Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson

Homegrown Aspera Mobile has enjoyed significant growth in the domestic market. The success has primarily come from their latest release Android phones. Over the past few months, Aspera Mobile has launched two new $99 4G phones. These were the Jazz 2 and F40 ‘Easy’ flip phone.

F40 ‘Easy’ flip phone

“We get important information from our regular customer interactions and use that in defining our new models. In relation to the F40 flip phone we know that there is a sizeable market segment resistant to adopting smartphones. So, with that in mind, our Easy range of phones like the F40 give the best possible experience to these users, through practical and fresh design, simplicity of use and affordability.”

Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson
“For the Jazz 2 we recognised that not everybody can spend $500, $1000 or more on a smartphone, but critically nor should they have to.” – Allan Robertson

According to Robertson, Aspera Mobile’s growth over the last few years has been due to several factors:

  • Aspera Mobile is Australian owned
  • Local support team
  • Focus is on customer needs rather than the most features

You can buy an Aspera Mobile phone from a range of retailers including Big W, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Caltex and Puma service stations, Bay Audio and Retravision. Several online retailers such as Mobileciti and Amazon also carry them.

“Our support is a real positive point of difference for us. Our customers love communicating with someone locally, be it via email or on the phone. Most calls are answered on the spot with less than 20% being put on hold. Not only are our customers well taken care of but they are listened to. This has led to our policy of not being like the big brands who market a global model as a one size fits all solution, and instead tailoring our product development to meet the needs of our customers and the Australian market.”

Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson