AudioFly AF140 MK2 Reviewed


Sound quality


Build quality





  • Great bass
  • Cable quality


  • Available in 1 colour
  • Not wireless

In-ear monitors have come a long way in the past few years. The AudioFly AF140 MK2 earphones have the latest technology for artists looking for excellent sound distribution. They come in a grey colour, and the exterior exhibits how AudioFly has taken the time to ensure a high-quality design. One thing that makes the AudioFly AF140 MK2 stand out from the rest is the bass sound quality.

Rich bass sound

The quality of sound is everything when looking for earphones. Fortunately, the AudioFly AF140 MK2 does not disappoint. For great sound, the earphones come with a bass driver, triple hybrid driver and dual balanced armature drivers.

With this combination, you end up getting a balanced bass sound with good sound variety. Artists who desire good quality bass sound will be impressed by the technology of these earphones.

Great build quality

You will love the design and construction of these earphones. They are neither flimsy nor cheap in construction. A short glance will show you that AudioFly put effort into coming up with a sturdy, attractive exterior.

The AF140’s also feature the Audioflex SL twisted cable for better strength and performance. The Audioflex is a self-adjusting cable that is reinforced using CORDURA fiber technology. In laymans terms, you should be able to use them for a long time without worrying about the cable becoming weak or breaking.

Nose isolating features

Modern earphones are all the rage because of their advanced features. The AudioFly AF140 MK2 has user replicable earplugs that also provide noise isolating features. It does mean using the correct earplugs though so that you can create a suitable in ear seal. It’s perfect for when you are in noisy environments and want to relax and listen to your music. This feature works well, and a perfectly inserted earplug gave us clear bass thumps. All that said, be mindful of your surroundings when using noise cancelling earphones.

Final Thoughts

The AudioFly AF140 MK2 earphones are great for artists and music lovers. You get a modern design coupled with great sound and noise isolating features. Another great product from a local Aussie company.

Post Author: Noeneel Sharma

Australian born tech expert, Noeneel, is the founder of the GeekLingo. He has over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) world. As an Information Technologist, he has a Bachelor in Information Technology, MBA and a Master of Business Process Management. He has professional working experience working in reputable industries including telecommunication, legal, accounting, banking, and most recently electricity. He spends most of his time with his gadgets as he enjoys photography, researching and cryptocurrencies. Connect with Noeneel on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.