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Audiofly AF100W MK2 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors

Audiofly AF100W-MK2

The difference between MP3’s, CD’s and vinyl can be debated forever, but one fact always stays constant: Quality audio matters, and you want the best equipment you can buy whether you’re listening to music for work as a musician or pleasure as a fan.

Here’s our review of Audiofly’s AF100W MK2 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors and why we think it’s an affordable alternative to some of the mainstream brands.

Designed for Musicians Needing High Quality Audio

The Audiofly Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Monitors are designed with musicians and sound engineers in mind who need only the best quality audio recording and output. The same needs to be true for the recording studio and on stage, and the Audiofly AF100W MK2 system performs perfectly for when you really need it.

Similarly, the AF100W MK2’s are built to be a comfortable fit that conforms to the shape of your ears. They’re also made from easy-to-clean materials.

Battery with Touch Charging

AF100W-MK2 Charging

The headphones are Bluetooth wireless, so they run on batteries that can be fully charged within as little as 90 minutes. It’s equipped with simple touch-charging technology, and one battery charge can last up to 8 hours.

Equipped Mic and Volume Control

Control is important when you’re listening to your playlist, preparing music for the studio or rocking your heart out on stage. The Audiofly AF100W MK2 comes with special mic and volume controls so that you have complete control of the most important settings right at your fingertips.

Cable Tightener

One of the most common issues with headphones happen when things get in the way: This can get in the way of a project, and it can bring things to a complete stop. The Audiofly AF100 MK2 comes with a cable tightener to ensure that everything stays where it should. This was such a small but extremely useful non-technical feature on commutes to/from the office. No more tangled cords.

Bluetooth Connection

The headphones connect to your device using Bluetooth. It’s perfect for plug-and-play connection to your laptop or smart device.

Noise Isolating Tips

Background noise is an audiophile’s worst enemy, and the Audiofly AF100 MK2 comes with specially designed tips that eliminate any background noise that comes from around you whether you’re listening to a track or about to record one. While it’s not as effective as an active over-ear noise cancelling headphone, it was still good enough for our needs.

Comes with Water Resistant Case

There are few things as hardy as Aussie weather, and you could find yourself at a gig the one second and the middle of a huge storm the next. Gear that gets regularly used will always pick up some wear and tear – and the Audiofly AF100 MK2 comes with a special water-resistant case that ensures your headphones stay in working condition even when subjected to harsh conditions.

Final Thoughts

We found the Audiofly AF100 MK2 to be a great little performer. The build and design quality were great along with the value add features including the touch charging and cable tighteners. Overall, good quality at a budget price.