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Audi A3 – Now With 4G Internet

Audi A3 To Include 4G Internet

Audi A3 To Include 4G Internet

Europe dealers will enjoy 4G capable Audi S3 Sportback from today with the whole A3 family to support 4G by November.

4G data connection extends to the Audi A3 range for swift and seamless web surfing

Functionality debuts in the new Audi S3 Sportback
Full A3 family integration from November
WLAN hotspot enables independent connections capable of video conferencing and high-speed streaming

According to Audi

The integration of 4G/LTE marks a very important step in the evolution of the Audi connect system, which networks the car with the driver and the Internet, and in the future could also provide an interface with the infrastructure and with other vehicles.

Now that last bit about interfacing with other vehicles is really interesting, especially on long road trips. We could start to see Car-to-Car video conferencing and if the cars were close enough, it could even be done via WiFi saving on 4G data costs. Having the cars “paired” could even open up possibilities around sharing content (e.g. navigation routes, music\video playlists, photo’s etc…) or even transferring phone calls from one car to another – now that would be cool.

No doubt this area is going to shape up to be an innovation playground. The geek in me is wondering whether it will be possible to bridge the connection between 2 A3’s to double the 4G bandwidth, 😎


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