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ATO Tax 2013 Mobile App – Check Your Refund Status on the Go

ATO Tax 2013 App

ATO Tax 2013 App

It’s tax time again with plenty of Australian taxpayers that submitted their returns early eagerly awaiting their Notice of Assessment aka tax return. This year’s ATO Tax 2013 app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, makes tracking returns extremely easy, all you need is your Tax File Number. The app works fine even if you use a Tax Agent to submit your return.

The ATO Tax 2013 app puts tax help in your hand at tax time.

Available through Google play™ and Apple App Store, you can use the app on your smart phone or tablet to view income tax rates for this year. And use our tax withheld calculator to work out how much tax you pay.

After you lodge your tax return, you can use the app to check your tax return’s progress.

The app includes links to helpful tax information and a list of hot tax topics to help you at tax time.

The app is available now for download.

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