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ATEN UH3238 USB-C Travel Dock

The ATEN UH3238 is a pocket-sized travel dock that gives an uncompromising mobile experience. You get access to multiple media peripherals across all your USB-C mobile devices. With its pocket size, you can travel lighter with this ultra-portable dock and make the most of your mobile devices.

Aten designed the portable dock for any USB-C device. So, you can use it with Android tablets, iPad Pros, smartphones, Windows laptops, and Apple MacBooks with universal compatibility.

The ATEN Travel Dock is the ideal solution to power and charge your USB-C device. The compact and highly portable design allows you to travel with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, while the power pass-through charging port provides power-on ability to charge your notebook or laptop at the same time.

The UH3238 has a lot to offer, extending your video and data capabilities with a compact design that fits into a backpack or small carry bag. For presentations, meetings, and streaming videos, the UH3238 is the perfect travel companion, or full-time solution, that adds a seamless transition from home to office.

Easy to set up, the UH3238’s single USB Type-C plug plugs into your device’s USB-C port. A HDMI cable then connects the dock to an external monitor with [email protected] for stunningly clear visuals. 

Likewise, the ATEN UH3238 USB-C Travel Dock with 3.5mm Audio Jack is a simple solution for converting USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack when you want to connect your high-quality wired headphones with your Mobile Devices.

The USB-C port supports 92W power delivery, which means you can charge your laptop or tablet at full speed while also transferring data quickly.

The ATEN UH3238 will do what you want your dock to do. If you like to travel, or you’re about to hit the road for business or pleasure, the ATEN UH3238 USB-C Travel Dock is your essential companion. This pocket size dock allows you to make the most of your mobile devices by giving them portable access to multiple media devices.