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ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED Projector Reviewed

ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED Projector

If you’re on the hunt for the newest, sleekest, and most portable projector on the market, ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED Projector is the perfect fit for you.

While most projectors are low quality and bulky, ASUS ZenBeam S2 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs in at a mere 497 grams.

Additionally, the miniature projector provides a crisp and bright image on a wall space ranging from one to three meters. This makes the ZenBeam S2 the most compact one on the market. Essentially, the ASUS ZenBeam S2 projector has the surface area of a large smartphone.

Have you ever used a projector that distorts images on a wall if it is projecting at an angle? The ZenBeam S2 is equipped with horizontal and automatic vertical keystone adjustments to alleviate distortion in most environments.

The ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED Projector is also very versatile as it can project from numerous devices thanks to its USB-C and HDMI ports. However, because many portable devices have WiFi capability, ZenBeam S2 can also provide wireless projection facilities.

Enjoying Netflix on a 60″ projection screen

Likewise, the unit can be portable. The ZenBeam S2 comes with a 6000mAh battery that lasts up to 3.5 hours on a single charge, which can last through any movie or presentation. Just be careful of where you project as the ZenBeam doesn’t work so well in a bright environment.

Not only that, but ZenBeam S2 can additionally act as a portable charger with its 5V/1A power output. With the battery life and power output capabilities, once again, ZenBeam S2 proves to be the perfect portable projector for any environment.

Finally, ZenBeam S2 comes with a built-in speaker with ASUS SonicMaster technology which promises nothing less than clear, crisp sounds and deep bass. That promise fell a little short with our real-world testing, but the audio was still good enough to do the job.

Great for teachers striving for an immersive learning experience, businesses looking to deliver an effective presentation or avid movie watchers on the go. If you don’t need 4K and have dark environments, the ASUS ZenBeam S2 Portable LED Projector is a travel-friendly projector that will be suitable for most needs.