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ASUS Showcase The Pocket PC VivoStick TS10-B015D

The need to lug around a notebook or tablet with limited PC features is over, the VivoStick by ASUS is a pocket-sized PC that provides a portable, desktop-like computer wherever or whenever it is needed. Utilising HDMI ports in TVs, display, projectors, turns devices into a fully functional PC. Powered by an Intel Atom processor, this portable PC offers a compact, high-performance, feature packed device that is perfect for the home, office, and for those that travel.

VivoStick is an ultra-packed fountain pen designed device that delivers on performance and aesthetics, and comes ready to use out of the box and boasts some excellent hardware under the hood. 2GB Memory, 32GB internal storage, dual-band 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, an audio jack, micro USB port for power, and a male HDMI connector. Sweetening the deal, the VivoStick comes with 100GB of ASUS WebStorage to access your data wherever you are in the world.

ASUS VivoStick Compact PC

ASUS VivoStick

Smartphone integration allows for the device to be controlled through the ASUS VivoRemote app, allowing users to use their phones as a keyboard and mouse. As well as being able to cast their phones with ASUS HyStream.

The VivoStick opens up a world of new PC capabilities whether it is being used at home, work, or travel. The ASUS VivoStick is available Australia wide from ASUS dealers.

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