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ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ 31.5-Inch LCD Monitor Reviewed

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ: Feature Packed QuadHD Gaming Monitor For The Masses

ROG Strix XG32VQ Curved Gaming Monitor – 32 inch WQHD

The ASUS ROG series is a very hardcore niche product. In fact that particular range is so hardcore, if a prospective buyer has no clue what ASUS ROG is, they probably don’t need this product. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but that is just an indirect way of saying that the ROG is a very famous range from ASUS. Short for Republic of Gamers, the range includes sleek and flashy hardware aimed at hardcore PC gamers. And the XG32VQ has all the trademarks of the ROG lineage. Is it the perfect monitor for high-end gaming? Read on to find more.

Design and Build Quality

The whole package screams of premium quality. The XG32VQ is a very sleek looking monitor indeed. It has a matte black finish, with telltale red accents which add to the overall feel of the device. For gamers who have been left slightly underwhelmed by orange accents used by some other ASUS products in the past, the red will look much better indeed.

IO ports on the ROG Strix XG32VQ

The relative lack of bezels on the screen will stand out from the get-go. The panel borders are very slim and should benefit a multi-panel setup immensely. That fact is accentuated by the curvature, rated at 1800r. The device build promises more immersive gaming with that curved design.

At the rear is a circular RGB LED, which is often a staple on high-end gaming peripherals and gear. On the ASUS ROG XG32VQ, this LED is compatible with the ASUS Aura Sync program. This allows the user to add unique flair and color themes to the LED for a touch of advanced personalization.

The I/O layout keeps things very simple and to the point. It provides all the essentials, like an HDMI slot for video in, two USB 3.0 ports for accessories, and a DisplayPort 1.2. The specs page does not specify whether the rig has inbuilt speakers, but that is a moot point for gamers who tend to favor their headphones or surround audio rigs.

The Helix stand is another standout feature on the ASUS monitor. This signature stand from the brand is optimized for ease of use. And the color scheme also matches the larger picture, with a gunmetal and red finish.

Video Performance

The 32-inch curved panel boasts of a QuadHD resolution, which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This might seem like a letdown for some, as the pixel density is lower at around 93PPI, making the XG32VQ display seem similar to a smaller 1080P monitor on paper. But in real-world usage, the graphics on AAA games like the latest Assassins Creed Origins look excellent on screen, with excellent detail, and zero rough edges. Users with a powerful gaming rig can always bank on anti-aliasing to compensate for the shortcomings on this display.

The rear and base of the ROG Strix XG32VQ lights up

The real star of the show is that refresh rate claimed to be in the vicinity of 144Hz. This makes the XG32VQ excellent choice for competitive FPS gaming. The performance is kept smooth by the use of proprietary technologies like FReeSync, which helps keep the output smooth without any latencies. For gamers who want less of motion blur, this ASUS monitor has special features called Extreme Low Motion Blur, similar to a tool that NVIDIA has to eliminate any ghosting effects. The panel also has features like Trace Free technology to keep interlacing and ghosting away.

The level of customizable features on offer on this monitor is truly impressive. The ASUS GamePlus system, developed in close collaboration with pro-gamers is a case in point. This system includes a set of inbuilt crosshairs for FPS gamers, with hotkeys. Other stuff like FPS counter and timer enable FPS and RTS gamers to practice and hone their skills by providing key insights about their input performance.

The GameVisual system, again a proprietary ASUS feature deserves passing mention as well. This provides six sub-functions, each optimizing the display for a specific type of game. It includes functions like RTS, FPS, Racing, Cinema, Scenery, and SRGB modes. These modes enhance various aspects of the display like color, sharpness, and improved visibility in dark areas of FPS games.

Final Thoughts

ASUS has not left any stone unturned in the features department for the XG32VQ. The superior refresh rate and FreeSync mode improve the graphical display performance a lot, despite less than stellar PPI numbers. The ROG XG32VQ provides an excellent balance of resolution with other features like refresh rate, screen size, and other advanced specs.

But to a section of hardcore gamers, that resolution will be the main deal breaker as well. It is too low by market standards for that 27-inch screen size. But that was a necessary sacrifice to make this monitor more affordable and accessible to the 1080p gaming crowd. With no true 4K performance on offer, this monitor was never going to please the hardcore 4K gamers anyway.

In the final estimation, the ASUS ROG XG32VQ is a tantalizing package for gamers who want an affordable yet feature-rich panel for sub 4K gaming.

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