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ASUS ROG Cetra Reviewed


With the bulk of videogame headphones on the market today being the standard, studio-style variety the ASUS ROG Cetra headphones are a real breath of fresh air.

Folks that don’t want to have to strap big and bulky headphones on their head for hours will appreciate what these have to offer.

Earbud style headphones designed with gaming in mind are a pretty new revelation in the world of gaming today. These headphones might be the best new gaming accessory money can buy.

Incredible Design

The look and feel of these headphones are very futuristic and very finely tuned. On top of that, the underlying technology and hardware come together in a functionality first kind of approach that makes these headphones fantastic for gamers and weekend warriors alike.

Comfy and great sounding

Featuring noise cancellation technology, an oversized (for the footprint) 10mm Asus sound driver, and USB C connectivity you’ll be able to use these headphones with pretty much any gaming system. This includes PC and console as well as with your favourite mobile devices.

Amazing Sound Quality

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) hardware featured in the ASUS ROG Cetra headphones is a real standout feature. Created hand-in-hand with help from the folks at legendary technology company Sony, this is next-generation noise cancelling that makes your gaming experience so unique.

Right away, you can block out pretty much any unwanted noise once you pop these headphones in. You’ll get a more refined gaming audio experience with little distortion – especially when you get down to the lower side of specific frequencies.

You’ll hear enemy footsteps when playing FPS games and background noise in RPG and single-player games. Likewise, you will also be able to soak in every note of your favourite songs or soundtracks while on the go.

Flexible and Adaptable

Another reason to buy these headphones has to be the fact that they can be used just like traditional earbud headphones and like level gaming headphones as well.

These headphones are tuned with gaming in mind. You’ll be able to enjoy impeccable sound quality with headphones that are comfortable and easy to wear for hours on end.

On the plus side, though, you can use these as traditional headphones, too.

Should you decide to go out for a run, head out on your daily commute, or just need a pair of quality earbud-style headphones to do some chores around the house, you’ll also be able to use these headphones to listen to music and podcasts in stunning fidelity, too.

There’s a reason why the ASUS ROG Cetra headphones are some of the most popular gaming headphones around. Highly recommend checking out a set for yourself.