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ASUS PA329Q Monitor Reviewed


The Asus PA329Q offers a 4K monitor that fits somewhere between being a superb professional visual design model and a regular work monitor. The monitor offers specs that are good for handling a number of digital work tasks and comes at a price that is not outrageous. This model leans more towards being a professional premium design, but besides being on the expensive side is not nearly as expensive as some of the other pro monitors on the market.

To put it simply, the ASUS PA329Q offers professional colour accuracy with a highly precise and rich 10-bit colour calibration combined with associated tools and also offers other specs and a superb physical design that makes it great for regular working applications.

When compared to the ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ the main difference between the two monitors is that the curve is geared more towards gamers, while the PA329Q can be used by gamers, but is more geared towards professional use.

With the Asus PA329Q the specs are great right out of the box and only improve with some calibration in the control menus offered by the device. Let’s take a closer look at the design and performance of this monitor.


The cabinet of the Asus PA239Q has a matte black finish. The bezel around the screen is 10 mm. There is a gold strip along the bottom area to provide a premium look to the monitor. Overall, the monitor has a sophisticated look that will match the professional atmosphere that it was designed for.

OSD buttons are located on the lower right corner of the monitor. When these are pressed it will show a logo on the screen. Next to this row of buttons is a quality joystick that can be used to navigate the OSD.

The back of the monitor has perforations and a lot of ventilation holes, which helps to keep it cool. The power supply is located inside the cabinet, which is why these holes are important for keeping it cool.

Most of the connection options are located under the frame with the exception of the memory card reader and 3 USB ports, which are located on the left side of the bezel.

The back frame holds 2 three watt speakers, which is quite decent when compared to what is found on other monitors.

The base and the stand of the monitor have a minimalist design that is functional. The construction is quite solid. The screen of the monitor can tilt, swivel, pivot, and rise, making it easy to find the best position for your needs.


With the Asus PA329Q you will find a lot of bells and whistles. This includes a 4k UHD 10 bit IPS panel. This innovation allows for a brighter screen output. In addition, there is a 14 bit LUT that provides even more colour recalculation and gamma correction.

There are a number of features in the SPLENDID section of the OSD that match the hardware. There are 8 picture modes including sRGB, Adobe RGB, and a darkroom mode. There are also presets available for still imagery, reading, as well as a standard mode for regular usage.


Overall, the performance of the Asus PA329Q is quite good and very well rounded. As stated above, this monitor offers good versatility, but it also offers a large amount of specific visual design features to meet the needs of the most precision oriented designers as well as visual artists who are concerned over these particular needs. When it comes to covering these types of uses, the Asus PA329Q is excellent almost all the way across the board.

The large screen also helps with productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel by letting you display so much more content than you can with smaller displays.

Great for working with large spreadsheets

Final Thoughts

The market for professional monitors consists of advanced and discerning professionals. This means that the niche for this type of monitor does not have a lot of room for errors from manufacturers. Keeping this in mind, many of the monitors within this niche either have a few minor differences from the ASUS PA329Q or they are tied.

For the price, professionals will not be disappointed when choosing the ASUS PA329Q. This monitor offers the performance hardware that is necessary to justify the price. With Adobe RGB and sRGB included, this is a great choice of monitor for many professionals.

However, the addition of these brings a bit of a downside to the product for some. Not being able to adjust other settings when using the 2 presets can be a deciding factor for many. In a world of professionals, not being able to tweak or experiment with these presets can be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing this monitor.

All that said, we still loved this monitor and have no problems with recommending it.

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